RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Wakefield

1Monographie  The role of written records in peasant tenure and litigation: a study of the manor court rolls of Wakefield (Yorkshire) and Alrewas (Staffordshire) before 1381
Harrison, C. E.. - [University of Liverpool] (2012)

2Monographie  Surnames and society in West Yorkshire: An analysis of names in the Wakefield Court Rolls, 1274-1352
Dunlap, Wendi A.. - [California State University, Dominguez Hills] (2010)

3Buchbeitrag  Myths of the Wakefield Master
Dane, Joseph A.. (2009) - In: Dane, Abstractions of evidence in the study of manuscripts S. 57-74

4Monographie  "And they say she drew blood": Women, aggression and the vice of wrath on the Wakefield manor, 1323 to 1410
Wright, Sharon Hubbs. - [University of Toronto] (2007)

5Artikel  Recent archaeological work in the dioceses of Ripon and Wakefield 1991-2000
Butler, Lawrence A. S.. (2006) - In: The Yorkshire archaeological journal Bd. 78 (2006) S. 85-110

6Buchbeitrag  Robert Wakefield and the medieval background of Hebrew scholarship in Renaissance England
Olszowy-Schlanger, Judith. (2006) - In: Hebrew to Latin, Latin to Hebrew S. 61-88

7Monographie  The preaching fox: festive subversion in the plays of the Wakefield Master
Edminster, Warren. - New York, NY [u.a.] (2005)

8Artikel  Labours of love and the work of art: divine creativity and human artists in the Wakefield Noah
Furnish, Shearle. (2003) - In: Medievalia et humanistica Ser. NS, Bd. 29 (2003) S. 72-80

9Buchbeitrag  Wakefield, battle of (1460)
Wagner, John A.. (2002) - In: Historical dictionary of late medieval England S. 561-562

10Artikel  Thomas Wakefield, Robert Wakefield and the Cotton Genesis
Carley, James Patrick. (2002) - In: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society Bd. 12 (2002) S. 246-265

11Artikel  Discipline, Dignity and Beauty: The Wakefield Mystery Plays, Bretton Hall
Butterworth, Philip. (2001) - In: Leeds studies in English Bd. 32 (2001) S. 49-80

12Buchbeitrag  Art. Wakefield Master
Keller, James. (2000) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval literature S. 503

13Monographie  Festive subversion in the plays of the Wakefield Master
Edminster, Warren. - [Baylor University] (2000)

14Artikel  Queenshead c. 1385-1845: a history from the Wakefield court rolls
Patchett, John H.. (2000) - In: Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society Ser. NS, Bd. 8 (2000) S. 47-64

15Artikel  Wakefield Gate (the Alta Via): a re-appraisal
Haigh, Donald. (2000) - In: Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society Ser. NS, Bd. 8 (2000) S. 14-46

16Artikel  Play-within-the-play in the dramas of the Wakefield master
Furnish, Shearle. (1999) - In: Medieval perspectives Bd. 14 (1999) S. 61-69

17Artikel  Plows, laws, and sanctuary in medieval England and in the Wakefield "Mactacio Abel"
Morey, James H.. (1998) - In: Studies in philology Bd. 95 (1998) S. 41-55

18Buchbeitrag  Art. Wakefield, Schlacht von (1460)
Storey, Robin Lindsay. (1997) - In: Lexikon des Mittelalters Tl. 8 S. Sp. 1936

19Artikel  The platea in the York and Wakefield cycles: avenues for liminality and salvation
Agan, Cami D.. (1997) - In: Studies in philology Bd. 94 (1997) S. 344-367

20Buchbeitrag  Masters and servants in the plays of the Wakefield masters
Stokes, Myra. (1997) - In: Individuality and achievement in Middle English poetry S. 185-204

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