RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Weiblichkeit, Frauenrollen

1Buchbeitrag  Women, Violence, and Community in Late Medieval Valencia
Meyerson, Mark D.. (2020) - In: Women and community in medieval and early modern Iberia S. 105-131

2Artikel  Misogyny and Auto-Biographical Fiction: The Corbaccio's Ambiguity in Bernat Metge's Lo somni
Batllosera, Pau Cañigueral. (2020) - In: Modern language notes Bd. 135 (2020) S. 367-386

3Monographie  Constructions of feminine identity in the Catholic tradition: inventing women
Flavin, Christopher M.. - Lanham, Md. (2020)

4Sammelwerk  Gender and Diplomacy. Women and Men in European Embassis from the 15th to the 18th Century
Anderson, RobertaOlivan Santaliestra, LauraSuner, Suna [Hrsg.]. - Wien (2020)

5Artikel  Disordered Women? The Hospital Sisters of Mainz and Their Late Medieval Identities
Barnhouse, Lucy. (2020) - In: Medieval feminist forum Bd. 55, 2 (2020) S. 60-97

6Buchbeitrag  Rabbinic Gender: Beyond Male and Female
Kessler, Gwynn. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism S. 353-370

7Buchbeitrag  Inclusione, esclusione, affezione: le disposizioni testamentarie femminili nel contesto ligure dei secoli XII e XIII
Guglielmotti, Paola. (2020) - In: Donne, famiglie e patrimoni a Genova e in Liguria nei secoli 12. e 13. S. 347-413

8Artikel  The Archaeology of Power in Lombard Female Burials in Central-Northern Italy.: Marriage, Integration, Grave Goods and Status Symbols
De Vingo, Paolo. (2020) - In: Acta archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae Bd. 71 (2020) S. 679-716

9Buchbeitrag  Founders, Sisters, and Neighbors in the Thirteenth Century: Women and Community at Santa Maria de Celas, Coimbra
Shadis, Miriam. (2020) - In: Women and community in medieval and early modern Iberia S. 195-213

10Sammelwerk  Sanctity and female authorship: Birgitta of Sweden & Catherine of Siena
Oen, Maria HusabøFalkeid, Unn [Hrsg.]. - New York, NY [u.a.] (2020)

11Artikel  Death Nag: Altdorfer's 1506 Delilah and the Real Power of Women
Nelson, Jennifer. (2020) - In: Source. Notes in the history of art Bd. 39 (2020) S. 230-240

12Monographie  Margaret's monsters: women, identity, and the Life of St. Margaret in medieval England
Heyes, Michael E.. - Abingdon [u.a.] (2020)

13Buchbeitrag  Pilgrims, the Poor, and the Powerful: The Long History of the Women of Nivelles
Schlotheuber, Eva. (2020) - In: The Liber ordinarius of Nivelles (Houghton Library, MS Lat 422) S. 35-96

14Artikel  Intersections of Gender and Disability for Women in Early Medieval England: A Preliminary Investigation
Bruce Wallace, Karen. (2020) - In: English studies. A journal of English language and literature Bd. 101 (2020) S. 41-59

15Monographie  Female sexuality in the early medieval Islamic world: gender and sex in Arabic literature
Myrne, Pernilla. - London [u.a.] (2020)

16Buchbeitrag  Percorsi femminili attraverso le proprietà familiari a Genova nei secoli XII e XIII
Bezzina, Denise. (2020) - In: Donne, famiglie e patrimoni a Genova e in Liguria nei secoli 12. e 13. S. 415-445

17Sammelwerk  Masculum et feminam creavit eso (Gen. 1,27): paradigmi del maschile e femminile nel cristianesimo antico: XLVII Incontro di Studiosi dell'Antichità Cristiana (Roma, 9-11 maggio 2019).
- Firenze (2020)

18Buchbeitrag  Female Piety and Gendered Spaces: Women's Hospitals in Renaissance Dubrovnik
Benyovsky Latin, Irena. (2020) - In: Tracing Hospital Boundaries. Integration and Segregation in Southeastern Europe and Beyond S. 213-245

19Sammelwerk  Women and community in medieval and early modern Iberia
Armstrong-Partida, MichelleGuerson, AlexandraLightfoot, Dana Wessell [Hrsg.]. - Lincoln (2020)

20Buchbeitrag  Portrayals of Biblical Figures in Lost Aggadic Traditions from the Cairo Genizah: Feminist Considerations
Lavee, Moshe. (2020) - In: Language, gender and law in the Judaeo-Islamic milieu S. 140-185

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 5531