RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Wirtschaftsgeschichte

1Monographie  Gli acquedotti dell'antica Roma
Ashby, Thomas. - Roma (2991)

2Buchbeitrag  Impact of Natural Disasters on Economic Life In the Eastern Alps. The Case of the Salzach-Inn and Traun river Catchment Areas
Rohr, Christian. (2022) - In: Oeconomia Alpium 2 S. 1-30

3Artikel  Curating the past: blood and money in London
Bale, Anthony PaulRosenthal, J.. (2022) - In: Jewish culture and history Bd. 23 (2022) S. 3-20

4Artikel  Animal Husbandry, Import Replacement, and Urban Growth in Medieval Odense, Denmark
Haase, Kirstine. (2022) - In: Journal of urban archaeology Bd. 5 (2022) S. 211-227

5Buchbeitrag  King Enrique IV of Castilla and the Christian underpinnings of his letter on trade fairs
Ortuño, Manuel J.. (2022) - In: Religion and the medieval and early modern global marketplace S. 54-73

6Buchbeitrag  Render unto Caesar: Religious thought, trade, and secular authority in Groningen during the Dutch Golden Age
Beeler, David. (2022) - In: Religion and the medieval and early modern global marketplace S. 9-31

7Artikel  European Flat Oyster (Ostrea edulis L.) in the Eastern Baltic as Evidence of Long-Distance Trade in Medieval and Early Modern Times
Lõugas, LembiJürjo, InnaRussow, Erki. (2022) - In: Heritage Bd. 5, 2 (2022) S. 813-828

8Buchbeitrag  Across the Passes. Transport Structures and Markets in the Alpine Area of the Pre-Industrlal Period
Schöpfer, Marie-Claude. (2022) - In: Oeconomia Alpium 2 S. 89-110

9Monographie  Warum Maria blutige Tränen weinte: der Jetzerhandel und die Jetzerprozesse in Bern (1507-1509) (Vol. 1-2)
Utz Tremp, Kathrin. - Wiesbaden (2022)

10Artikel  The Dragon of Love: Chaucer's Jason and the Cycle of Consumption in the Legend of Good Women
Harlan-Haughey, Sarah. (2022) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 57 (2022) S. 101-128

11Artikel  Walruses on the Dnieper: new evidence for the intercontinental trade of Greenlandic ivory in the Middle Ages
Barrett, JamesKhamaiko, NataliaFerrari, GiadaCuevas, AngelicaKneale, CatherineHufthammer, Anne KarinPálsdóttir, Albína HuldaStar, Bastiaan. (2022) - In: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences (2022) S. 1-9

12Buchbeitrag  Transporting the Holy City: Hans Tucher's letter from Jerusalem as medium and material object.
Reisch, Mareike Elisa. (2022) - In: Things and thingness in European literature and visual art, 700-1600 S. 45-63

13Buchbeitrag  Trade and Travel
Oksanen, Eljas. (2022) - In: The Cambridge companion to the age of William the Conqueror S. 118-140

14Artikel  Sklaverei und Menschenhandel im frühen Mittelalter
Biermann, Felix Paul. (2022) - In: Archäologie in Deutschland Bd. 38, 1 (2022) S. 8-13

15Sammelwerk  Exchange in the Mamluk Sultanate: Economic & Cultural: Proceedings of The Third Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies
Saleh, Marlis J.,Bauden, Frédéric [Hrsg.]. - Leuven (2022)

16Artikel  Peasants, Market Exchange and Economic Agency in North-Western Iberia, c.850–c.1050
Portass, Robert. (2022) - In: Past and Present Bd. 254 (2022) S. 5-37

17Artikel  Consommation et exploitation des ressources animales en Auvergne et en Languedoc de l’Antiquité tardive au haut Moyen Âge [Dissertatio]
Mureau, Cyprien. (2022) - In: Bulletin du Centre d'Études Médievales d'Auxerre Bd. 26, 1 (2022)

18Buchbeitrag  Textiles in the Crown of Aragon: Production, Commerce, Consumption
Navarro Espinach, Germán. (2022) - In: Textiles of medieval Iberia. Cloth and clothing in a multi-cultural context S. 93-122

19Buchbeitrag  Cloth Trade in the Iberian Kingdoms during the Late Middle Ages
Diago Hernando, Máximo. (2022) - In: Textiles of medieval Iberia. Cloth and clothing in a multi-cultural context S. 69-92

20Artikel  El arte de leer caracteres antiguos y su poder. La Cátedra de Paleografía en la Real Sociedad Económica Matritense de Madrid
González Cachafeiro, Javier. (2022) - In: Torre de los lujanes Bd. 78 (2022) S. 253-268

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 87993