RI-Opac: Literature Database for the Middle Ages - Listing over 1.8 million titles


The RI-Opac is a freely accessible database, covering all disciplines of medieval sciences for the European language sphere.

Within the context of the project Regesta Imperii Online, the RI-Opac is both an online bibliography of the literature quoted in RI publications and a freely accessible, comprehensive database for historical research. One of the system's main goals is the in-depth recording of non-independently published literature, such as essays and proceedings; brought together from myriad collected editions and magazines even of the most remote origin.

The RI-Opac database is maintained by the RI-staff and numerous colleagues of the online editorial department of Regesta Imperii.

PLEASE NOTE: The RI-Opac is a tool for academic research and therefore does not provide any information on availability etc. Please direct all inquiries about availability and all orders to the corresponding library!

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Title accumulation

...to all historical disciplines, reaching from the Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Times, as well as to the neighbouring disciplines.

  • Anglistics
  • Archaeology
  • Byzantine studies
  • German language and literature studies
  • History of art
  • History of music
  • Philosophy
  • Romance Studies
  • Theology