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1Collection of Essays  The Byzantine neighbourhood: urban space and political action
Kondyli, FotiniAnderson, Benjamin [Publ.]. - Abingdon [u.a.] (2022)

2Monographie  Cosmos and community in early medieval art
Anderson, Benjamin. - New Haven, Conn. [u.a.] (2017)

3Essay  The great "kosmos" of all Armenia: on the sarcophagus of Isaac.
Anderson, Benjamin. (2021) - In: Art and religion in Medieval Armenia p. 16-26

4Essay  Constantinople's medieval antiquarians of the future
Anderson, Benjamin. (2021) - In: Cities as Palimpsests? Responses to Antiquity in Eastern Mediterranean Urbanism p. 125-140

5Essay  Oracular Images and the Limits of Political Knowledge in Byzantium
Anderson, Benjamin. (2021) - In: Unterstützung bei herrscherlichem Entscheiden. Experten und ihr Wissen in transkultureller und komparativer Perspektive p. 22-40

6Essay  The Imperial Arts
Anderson, Benjamin. (2021) - In: The Oxford handbook of Byzantine art and architecture p. 133-146

7Essay  Images down low
Anderson, Benjamin. (2020) - In: Transforming sacred spaces. New approaches to Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture p. 161-187

8Essay  The Forum of Theodosius: Labour and the Gods
Anderson, Benjamin. (2020) - In: Studies Robert G. Ousterhout p. 3-17

9Essay  The Prussian Tondo
Anderson, Benjamin. (2019) - In: I tondi di Venezia e Dumbarton Oaks p. 35-49

10Essay  The disappearing imperial statue: toward a social approach.
Anderson, Benjamin. (2016) - In: The afterlife of Greek and Roman sculpture: late antique responses and practices p. 290-309

11Articles  "An alternative discourse": Local interpreters of antiquities in the Ottoman Empire
Anderson, Benjamin. (2015) - In: Journal of field archaeology vol. 40 (2015) p. 450-460

12Articles  Public clocks in late antique and early medieval Constantinople
Anderson, Benjamin. (2014) - In: Jahrbuch der österreichischen Byzantinistik vol. 64 (2014) p. 23-32

13Articles  The Complex of Elvan Çelebi: Problems in Fourteenth-Century Architecture
Anderson, Benjamin. (2014) - In: Muqarnas vol. 31 (2014) p. 73-97

14Articles  Classified Knowledge: the Epistemology of Statuary in the Parastaseis Syntomoi Chronikai
Anderson, Benjamin. (2011) - In: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies vol. 35 (2011) p. 1-19

15Articles  Leo III and the Anemodoulion
Anderson, Benjamin. (2011) - In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift vol. 104 (2011) p. 41-55

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