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1Collection of Essays  Seals and status: the power of objects
Cherry, John F.Berenbeim, Jessica LucyDe Beer, Lloyd [Publ.]. - London (2018)

2Monographie  Art of documentation: documents and visual culture in Medieval England
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. - Toronto (2015)

3Monographie  Art of Documentation: The Sherborne Missal and the Role of Documents in English Medieval Art
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. - [Harvard University] (2012)

4Articles  The Past of the Past: Historical Distance and the Medieval Image
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2021) - In: New medieval literatures vol. 21 (2021) p. 191-220

5Essay  Hannibal's journey: ancient history, material philology, medieval illumination.
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2021) - In: Beyond Words. Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections p. 269-281

6Essay  Recapitulation: a medieval table of contents
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2021) - In: Tributes Paul Binski p. 220-223

7Essay  Domesday in Disguise
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2020) - In: Tributes John Lowden p. 224-240

8Essay  Medieval treaties and the diplomatic aesthetic
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2018) - In: Seals. Making and marking connections across the medieval world p. 213-238

9Essay  Introduction
Berenbeim, Jessica LucyDe Beer, Lloyd. (2018) - In: Seals and status. The power of objects p. 1-3

10Essay  Personal and Institutional Patronage in the Sherborne Missal
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2012) - In: Patrons and professionals in the Middle Ages p. 261-272

11Articles  Art of Documentation: the Sherborne Missal and the Role of Documents in English Medieval Art
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2011) - In: Monastic Research Bulletin vol. 17 (2011) p. 20-21

12Articles  Script after print: Juan de Yciar and the art of writing.
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2010) - In: Word and image vol. 26 (2010) p. 231-343

13Essay  Milanese Chant in the Monastery? Notes on aReunited Ambrosian Manuscript
Berenbeim, Jessica LucyRöder, Matthias. (2010) - In: Ambrosiana at Harvard. New Sources of Milanese Chant p. 5-22

14Essay  An English manuscript of the "Somme le roi": Cambridge, St John's College, MS S. 30
Berenbeim, Jessica Lucy. (2007) - In: The Cambridge illuminations. The conference papers p. 97-103

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