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1Monographie  The Bronze Horseman of Justinian in Constantinople: The Cross-Cultural Biography of a Mediterranean Monument
Boeck, Elena N.. - Cambridge (2021)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Boeck, Elena N.. (2016)

3Monographie  Imagining the Byzantine past: the perception of history in the illustrated manuscripts of Skylitzes and Manasses
Boeck, Elena N.. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2015)

4Essay  Buttressing Orthodoxy: Imagining Hagia Sophia and Celebrating Constantinople in Sixteenth-Century Russia
Boeck, Elena N.. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions p. 103-130

5Essay  Making the Roman Past(s) Come Alive: Manuel Chrysoloras, Cyriac of Ancona, and Andrea Mantegna's Triumphs of Caesar
Boeck, Elena N.. (2021) - In: The invention of Byzantium in early modern Europe p. 47-70

6Essay  Internationalizing Russia's Byzantine heritage: medieval enamels and chromolithographic geopolitics.
Boeck, Elena N.. (2020) - In: Essays Henry Maguire p. 29-46

7Essay  Fantasy, Supremacy, Domes, and Dames: Charlemagne goes to Constantinople
Boeck, Elena N.. (2019) - In: Byzantium in dialogue with the mediterranean p. 142-161

8Essay  The Power of Amusement and the Amusement of Power: The Princely Frescoes of St Sophia, Kiev, and their Connections to the Byzantine World
Boeck, Elena N.. (2017) - In: Greek laughter and tears. Antiquity and after p. 243-262

9Essay  Archaeology of Decadence: Uncovering Byzantium in Victorien Sardou's Theodora
Boeck, Elena N.. (2015) - In: Byzantium-modernism. The Byzantine as method in modernity p. 102-134

10Essay  Believing is Seeing: Princess Spotting in St. Sophia of Kiev
Boeck, Elena N.. (2012) - In: Studies Donald Ostrowski p. 167-179

11Essay  Engaging the Byzantine past: strategies of visualizing history in Sicily and Bulgaria
Boeck, Elena N.. (2010) - In: History as literature in Byzantium p. 215-236

12Articles  Un-Orthodox Imagery: Voids and Visual Narrative in the Madrid Skylitzes Manuscript
Boeck, Elena N.. (2009) - In: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies vol. 33 (2009) p. 17-41

13Articles  Simulating the Hippodrome: The Performance of Power in Kiev's St. Sophia
Boeck, Elena N.. (2009) - In: The Art bulletin vol. 91 (2009) p. 283-301

14Articles  The politics of visualizing an imperial demise: transforming a Byzantine chronicle into a Sicilian visual narrative.
Boeck, Elena N.. (2009) - In: Word and image vol. 25 (2009) p. 243-257

15Articles  Displacing Byzantium, Disgracing Convention: The Manuscript Patronage of Tsar Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria
Boeck, Elena N.. (2007) - In: Manuscripta vol. 51 (2007) p. 181-208

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