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1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Constantinescu, Mihai. (2016)

2Monographie  The medieval cemetery from Sibiu (Hermannstadt) Huet Square: Archaeology, anthropology, history
Marcu-Istrate, DanielaConstantinescu, MihaiSoficaru, Andrei Dorian. - Büchenbach (2015)

3Articles  Necropola medievala de la Enisala-Palanca [The Medieval Necropolis from Enisala-Palanca]
Siena, SerenaMairo, MartaConstantinescu, MihaiSoficaru, Andrei. (2018) - In: Peuce vol. 16 (2018) p. 335-370

4Articles  Urme de violenta în perioada medievala. Cimitirul Mânastirii Sf. Sava din Bucuresti [Violent Traumas in the Middle Ages. The St. Sava Church Graveyard]
Andreica, LuminataConstantinescu, MihaiCulea, MihaelaRadu, ClaudiaSoficaru, Andrei Dorian. (2016) - In: Peuce Ser. NS, vol. 14 (2016) p. 371-403

5Articles  Observatii asupra osemintelor umane descoperite la "Pestera Craniilor"- Cheile Dobrogei [Comments on the Human Bones Found at "Skulls Cave"- Cheile Dobrogei]
Constantinescu, Mihai. (2015) - In: Peuce vol. 13 (2015) p. 209-222

6Articles  An Early Seventh-Century Female Grave from Dobruja
Ailincai, Sorin-CristianConstantinescu, MihaiCurta, FlorinSoficaru, Andrei Dorian. (2014) - In: Archaeologia bulgarica vol. 18, 1 (2014) p. 65-84

7Articles  Date antropologice privind materialul osteologic de la Murfatlar-Basarabi [Anthropological Analysis of the Human Bones from Basarabi-Murfatlar]
Soficaru, Andrei DorianConstantinescu, MihaiMiritoiu, Nicolae. (2009) - In: Materiale si cercetari arheologice Ser. NS, vol. 5 (2009) p. 159-188

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