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1Monographie  Standing on Holy Ground in the Middle Ages
Donkin, Lucy. - Ithaca, NY (2022)

2Collection of Essays  Illuminating the Middle Ages: tributes to Prof. John Lowden from his students, friends and colleagues
Cleaver, LauraBovey, AlixeDonkin, Lucy [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

3Collection of Essays  Imagining Jerusalem in the medieval West
Donkin, LucyVorholt, Hanna [Publ.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2012)

4Monographie  Ornato Decenter. Figurative Ecclesiastical Floor Mosaics in Northern Italy, 1030-1213.
Donkin, Lucy. - [University of London] (2005)

5Essay  Mining Mount Tabor: the Schauinsland Window at the Minster of Freiburg im Breisgau.
Donkin, Lucy. (2021) - In: Tributes Paul Binski p. 346-357

6Essay  Roman Soil and Roman Sound in Irish Hagiography
Donkin, Lucy. (2021) - In: The Papacy and Communication in the Central Middle Ages p. 114-128

7Essay  Looking Beneath the Surface: Subterranean Space in the Kuntá Hora Cantional
Donkin, Lucy. (2020) - In: Tributes John Lowden p. 414-434

8Articles  Roman soil and Roman sound in Irish hagiography
Donkin, Lucy. (2018) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 44 (2018) p. 365-379

9Articles  Santa Maria Maggiore and the Depiction of Holy Ground Plans in Late Medieval Italy
Donkin, Lucy. (2018) - In: Gesta vol. 57 (2018) p. 225-255

10Essay  Earth from elsewhere: burial in terra sancta beyond the Holy Land
Donkin, Lucy. (2017) - In: Natural materials of the Holy Land and the visual translation of place, 500-1500 p. 109-126

11Articles  "Mons manufactus": Rome's man-made mountains between history and natural history (c. 1100-1700)
Donkin, Lucy. (2017) - In: Papers of the British School at Rome vol. 85 (2017) p. 171-204

12Essay  Jerusalem V. B Medieval Times and Reformation Era
Donkin, Lucy. (2016) - In: Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception Pt. 13 p. Sp. 1062-1064

13Essay  Iconoclasm II Christianity B: Medieval Times to Modern Era
Donkin, Lucy. (2016) - In: Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception Pt. 12 p. Sp. 771-773

14Articles  Following the footsteps of Christ in late medieval Italy: Pietro Pettinaio's vision of St Francis.
Donkin, Lucy. (2016) - In: Word and image vol. 32 (2016) p. 163-180

15Essay  Stones of St Michael: Venerating Fragments of Holy Ground in Medieval France and Italy
Donkin, Lucy. (2014) - In: Matter of faith. An interdisciplinary study of relics p. 23-31

16Essay  Making an Impression: Consecration and the Creation of Architectural Memory
Donkin, Lucy. (2013) - In: Romanesque and the past. Retrospection in the art and architecture of Romanesque Europe p. 37-48

17Articles  Suo loco: The Traditio evangeliorum and the Four Evangelist Symbols in the Presbytery Pavement of Novara Cathedral
Donkin, Lucy. (2013) - In: Speculum vol. 88 (2013) p. 92-143

18Essay  Introduction [Imagining Jerusalem in the Medieval West]
Vorholt, HannaDonkin, Lucy. (2012) - In: Imagining Jerusalem in the medieval West p. 1-13

19Essay  Pavimenti decorati come luoghi di memoria
Donkin, Lucy. (2009) - In: Medioevo. Immagine e memoria p. 408-414

20Essay  "Usque ad Ultimum Terrae": Mapping the Ends of the Earth in Two Medieval Floor Mosaics
Donkin, Lucy. (2008) - In: Cartography in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Fresh perspectives, new methods p. 189-217

21Articles  'Ornata decenter': Perceptions of 'Fitting Decoration' Amongst Augustinian Canons of S. Orso in Aosta in the Mid Twelfth Century
Donkin, Lucy. (2008) - In: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes vol. 71 (2008) p. 75-93

22Essay  Mosaici pavimentali medievali nell'Italia settentrionale e i loro rapporti con la liturgia
Donkin, Lucy. (2005) - In: Atti del X Colloquio dell'Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico p. 503-514

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