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1Monographie  The art of allusion: illuminators and the making of English literature, 1403-1476
Drimmer, Sonja. - Philadelphia, Pa. (2019)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Drimmer, Sonja. (2016)

3Monographie  The Visual Language of Vernacular Manuscript Illumination: John Gower's "Confessio Amantis" (Pierpont Morgan MS M.126)
Drimmer, Sonja. - [Columbia University] (2011)

4Articles  Connoisseurship, Art History, and the Paleographical Impasse in Middle English Studies
Drimmer, Sonja. (2022) - In: Speculum vol. 97 (2022) p. 415-468

5Essay  The shapes of history: Houghton Library, MS Richardson 35 and chronicles of England in codex and roll.
Drimmer, Sonja. (2021) - In: Beyond Words. Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections p. 253-268

6Articles  The Severed Head as Public Sculpture in Late Medieval England
Drimmer, Sonja. (2020) - In: The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies vol. 50 (2020) p. 293-322

7Articles  Post Script
Drimmer, Sonja. (2020) - In: Digital philology vol. 9 (2020) p. 228-230

8Articles  Introduction: The Manuscript Copy and the Printed Original in the Digital Present
Drimmer, Sonja. (2020) - In: Digital philology vol. 9 (2020) p. 93-119

9Essay  A Political Poster in Late-Medieval England: British Library, Harley MS 7353
Drimmer, Sonja. (2020) - In: Performance, ceremony and display in late medieval England p. 333-359

10Articles  The Manuscript as an Ambigraphic Medium: Hoccleve's Scribes, Illuminators, and Their Problems
Drimmer, Sonja. (2017) - In: Exemplaria vol. 29 (2017) p. 175-194

11Articles  The painters of late medieval London and Westminster
Drimmer, Sonja. (2017) - In: The Burlington magazine vol. 159 (2017) p. 445-449

12Articles  Unnoticed and Unusual: An Illustration in a Manuscript of John Lydgate's Fall of Princes
Drimmer, Sonja. (2017) - In: Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history vol. 20 (2017) p. 209-218

13Articles  The Disorder of Operations: Illuminators, Scribes, and John Gower's Confessio Amantis
Drimmer, Sonja. (2017) - In: Lias vol. 44 (2017) p. 5-28

14Articles  Failure before Print (the Case of Stephen Scrope)
Drimmer, Sonja. (2015) - In: Viator vol. 46 (2015) p. 343-372

15Articles  Beyond private matter: a prayer roll for Queen Margaret of Anjou.
Drimmer, Sonja. (2014) - In: Gesta vol. 53 (2014) p. 95-120

16Essay  Visualizing intertextuality: conflating forms of creativity in Late Medieval "author portraits".
Drimmer, Sonja. (2013) - In: Citation, intertextuality and memory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance 2 p. 82-101

17Essay  Picturing the king or picturing the saint: two miniature programmes for John Lydgate's Lives of SS. Edmund and Fremund.
Drimmer, Sonja. (2013) - In: Manuscripts and printed books in Europe 1350-1550 p. 48-67

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