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1Collection of Essays  Tekstove, nadpisi, obrazi [Texts, inscriptions, images]
Mutafov, Emanuel StefanovErdeljan, Jelena [Publ.]. - Sofija (2017)

2Monographie  Chosen places: constructing New Jerusalems in Slavia Orthodoxa
Erdeljan, Jelena. - Leiden [u.a.] (2017)

3Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2016)

4Monographie  Mediteran i drugi svetovi: pitanja vizuelne kulture: XI-XIII vek
Erdeljan, Jelena. - Novi Sad (2015)

5Monographie  Monastery Josanica
Cvetkovic, BranislavStevovic, IvanErdeljan, Jelena. - Beograd (2008)

6Monographie  Srednjovekovni nadgrobni spomenici u oblasti Rasa [Medieval funerary monuments in the region of Rasa]
Erdeljan, Jelena. - Beograd (1996)

7Essay  Cross-Cultural and Transcultural Entanglement and Visual Culture in Eastern Europe, ca. 1300-1550
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions p. 29-56

8Essay  Two Inscriptions from the Church of Sts Sergius and Bacchus Near Shkoder and the Question of Text and Image as Markers of Identity in Medieval Serbia
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2017) - In: Tekstove, nadpisi, obrazi p. 129-144

9Articles  A note on two unpublished Coptic textiles from Belgrade
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2017) - In: Zograf vol. 41 (2017) p. 19-24

10Articles  A note on the ktetorship and contribution of women from the Brankovic dynasty to cross-cultural connections in late medieval and early modern Balkans
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2016) - In: Zbornik Matice srpske za likovne umetnosti vol. 44 (2016) p. 61-72

11Essay  Studenica and the life giving tree
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2016) - In: The Balkans and Byzantine world before and after the captures of Constantinople p. 81-90

12Articles  Eikon and Magic. Solomon's Knot on the Floor Mosaic in Herakleia Lynkestis
Erdeljan, JelenaVraneševic, Branka. (2016) - In: Ikon vol. 9 (2016) p. 99-108

13Articles  [Praying with the senses: Examples of icon devotion and the sensory experience in medieval and early modern Balkans]
Brajovic, SašaErdeljan, Jelena. (2015) - In: Zograf vol. 39 (2015) p. 57-63

14Essay  Visual Culture of the Medieval Balkans
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2014) - In: Visual Culture of the Balkans. State of Research and Further Directions p. 15-16

15Essay  Strategies of constructing Jerusalem in medieval Serbia
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2014) - In: Visual constructs of Jerusalem p. 231-240

16Articles  A possible framework for understanding the visual culture of Doclea in the context of cultural dynamics in the Mediterranean and South Eastern Europe in Classical and Late Antiquity
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2014) - In: Istorijski zapisi vol. 87 (2014) p. 11-21

17Essay  Studenica. A New Perspective?
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2013) - In: Serbia and Byzantium. Proceedings p. 33-44

18Articles  New Jerusalem as New Constantinoples? Reflections on the reasons and principles of Translatio Constantinopoleos in Slavia Orthodoxa
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2011) - In: Deltion tes Christianikes Archaiologikes Hetaireias vol. 32 (2011) p. 11-18

19Articles  Studenica: an identity in marble.
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2011) - In: Zograf vol. 35 (2011) p. 93-100

20Articles  Turnovo: Principles and means of constructing the sacral topography of a medieval Bulgarian capital
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2010) - In: Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog Instituta vol. 47 (2010) p. 199-214

21Essay  New Jerusalems in the Balcans: translation of sacred space in the local context.
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2009) - In: Novye Ierusalimy. Ierotopija i ikonografija sakralnych prostranstv p. 458-474

22Articles  Belgrade as new Jerusalem: Reflections on the reception of a topos in the age of despot Stefan Lazarevic
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2006) - In: Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog Instituta vol. 43 (2006) p. 96-110

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