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1Articles  Vulgar Latin as an emergent concept in the Italian Renaissance (1435-1601): its ancient and medieval prehistory and its emergence and development in Renaissance linguistic thought
Eskhult, Josef. (2018) - In: Journal of Latin linguistics vol. 17 (2018) p. 191-230

2Articles  The primeval language and Hebrew ethnicity in ancient Jewish and Christian thought until Augustine
Eskhult, Josef. (2014) - In: Revue d'études augustiniennes et patristiques vol. 60 (2014) p. 291-348

3Articles  Augustine and the Primeval Language in Early Modern Exegesis and Philology
Eskhult, Josef. (2013) - In: Language and history vol. 56 (2013) p. 98-119

4Essay  Latin Bible translations in the Protestant Reformation: Historical contexts, philological justification, and the impact of classical rhetoric on the conception of translation methods
Eskhult, Josef. (2012) - In: Shaping the Bible in the Reformation p. 167-185

5Essay  Humanistic Latin Versions of the Hebrew Old Testament
Eskhult, Josef. (2010) - In: Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Budapestinensis p. 241-252

6Articles  Latin Bible versions in the age of Reformation and post-Reformation: on the development of new Latin versions of the Old Testament in Hebrew and on the Vulgate as revised and evaluated among the Protestants.
Eskhult, Josef. (2006) - In: Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift vol. 106 (2006) p. 31-67

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