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1Collection of Essays  Paris - the powers that shaped the medieval city
Gajewski, AlexandraMcNeill, John [Publ.]. - London (2023)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2016)

3Collection of Essays  The year 1300 and the creation of a new European architecture
Gajewski, AlexandraOpacic, Zoë [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2007)

4Essay  The Powers of the Saints: Architecture and Liturgy in Abbot Suger's Shrine-Choir at Saint-Denis in the 12th and 13th Centuries
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2023) - In: Paris - the powers that shaped the medieval city p. 27-60

5Essay  Attack on the Castle of Love: Flower Power or "Traffic in Women"? An Allegorical Representation in Ivory Analysed from the Perspective of War and Gender
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2020) - In: Gewalt, Krieg und Geschlecht im Mittelalter p. 381-414

6Essay  Art in Monastic Churches of Western Europe from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Century
Gajewski, AlexandraSeeberg, Stefanie. (2020) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Monasticism in the Latin West 2 p. 998-1026

7Articles  Peregrinating Rome and Jerusalem in Enguerrand Quarton's Coronation of the Virgin
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2020) - In: The Burlington magazine vol. 162 (2020) p. 372-387

8Articles  The Choir of Auxerre Cathedral and the Question of a Burgundian Gothic Architecture
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2018) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association vol. 171 (2018) p. 34-60

9Essay  Art and Architecture in Avignon during the Great Schism: Remarks on Clements VII foundations of Saint-Martial and Saint-Pierre-Celestin
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2018) - In: Vom Weichen über den Schönen Stil zur Ars Nova p. 97-116

10Articles  Having her hand in it? Elite women as 'makers' of textile art in the Middle Ages
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2016) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 42 (2016) p. 25-50

11Essay  Building Christendom: patrons, architects and centres of innovation in medieval Europe
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2015) - In: The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity 1050-1500 p. 217-233

12Essay  Identity on the edge: the architecture of the Cistercian abbeys in Lesser Poland.
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2014) - In: Medieval art, architecture and archaeology in Cracow and Lesser Poland p. 143-164

13Essay  Emile Mâle: l'art religieux du XIIIe siècle en France ; etude sur l'iconographie du Moyen Âge et sur ses sources d'inspiration, 1898.
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2013) - In: The books that shaped art history p. 20-29

14Articles  Architecture religieuse anglaise. - Nouvelles sources de datation pour les cathédrales de Winchester et de Canterbury
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2013) - In: Bulletin monumental vol. 171 (2013) p. 422

15Essay  The patronage question under review: Queen Blanche of Castile (1188 - 1252) and the architecture of the Cistercian abbeys at Royaumont, Maubusson, and Le Lys.
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2012) - In: Visualising the Middle Ages 7 Pt. 1 p. 197-244

16Articles  Cluny 1120: Paris.
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2012) - In: The Burlington magazine vol. 154 (2012) p. 441-442

17Essay  Stone construction and monastic ideals: from Jotsald of Cluny to Peter the Chanter.
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2011) - In: Mélanges Eliane Vergnolle p. 35-49

18Essay  The Abbey Church at Vézelay and the Cult of Mary Magdalene: "invitation to a journey of discovery"
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2011) - In: Liber Amicorum Paul Crossley 1 p. 221-240

19Essay  Art, Gothic
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2010) - In: Oxford bibliographies online

20Essay  Sedletz und die französische Zisterzienserarchitektur des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2009) - In: Sedlec. Historie, architektura a umelecká tvorba seleckého kláštera p. 347-355

21Essay  Le Relecq, ancienne église abbatiale. Entre rhétorique cistercienne et tradition locale.
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2009) - In: Congrès archéologique de France. 165e session 2006. Finistère p. 177-184

22Essay  The abbey church of Eberbach and the idea of a 'Bernardine' Cistercian architecture
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2007) - In: Mainz and the Middle Rhine Valley. Medieval art, architecture and archaeology p. 33-52

23Essay  Saint-Benigne at Dijon around 1300, "La province qui s'endort"?
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2007) - In: The year 1300 and the creation of a new European architecture p. 39-52

24Articles  Burial, cult, and construction at the Abbey church of Clairvaux (Clairvaux III)
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2005) - In: Citeaux vol. 56 (2005) p. 47-85

25Essay  The Architecture of the Choir at Clairvaux Abbey: Saint Bernard and the Cistercian Principle of Conspicuous Poverty
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2004) - In: Essays Peter Fergusson p. 71-80

26Essay  Twelfth-Century Cistercian Architecture in Greater Anjou
Gajewski, Alexandra. (2003) - In: Anjou medieval art, architecture and archaeology p. 151-164

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