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1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2016)

2Collection of Essays  Frankland: the Franks and the world of the early middle ages ; essays in honour of Dame Jinty Nelson
Fouracre, Paul J.Ganz, David (Historiker) [Publ.]. - Manchester (2008)

3Monographie  Two lives of Charlemagne / Einhard and Notker the Stammerer.
EinhardusNotker <Balbulus>. Ganz, David (Historiker) [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2008)

4Monographie  Corbie in the Carolingian renaissance: Untersuchung zur monastischen Kultur der Karolingerzeit am Beispiel der Abtei Corbie
Ganz, David (Historiker). - Sigmaringen (1990)

5Collection of Essays  Charles the Bald. Court and kingdom. Papers based on a colloquium held in London in april 1979
Ganz, David (Historiker) [Ed.]. Gibson, Margaret TempletonNelson, Janet Loughland [Publ.]. - Oxford (1981)

6Monographie  The literary interests of the abbey of Corbie in the first half of the 9th century
Ganz, David (Historiker). - Oxford (1980)

7Essay  The Search for Glossed Clauses: An Autobiographical Account of a Corbie Study
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2018) - In: The annotated book in the early Middle Ages. Practices of reading and writing p. 767-772

8Essay  Charlemagne in the margin: a new testimony to his reputation from a Carolingian schoolroom
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2018) - In: Neue Wege der Frühmittelalterforschung. Bilanz und Perspektiven p. 279-286

9Essay  Les relations entre Luxeuil et Corbie
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2018) - In: Colomban et son influence. Moines et monastères du haut Moyen Âge en Europe p. 261-270

10Essay  Historia: Some Lexicographical Considerations
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2017) - In: Medieval cantors and their craft. Music, liturgy and the shaping of history, 800-1500 p. 8-22

11Essay  Early Medieval Display Scripts and the Problems of How We See Them
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2017) - In: Graphic signs of identity, faith, and power in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages p. 125-145

12Essay  A Carolingian Confessional Prayer in Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Reginensis 991
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2017) - In: Studies Rita Beyers p. 421-436

13Essay  Merovingian gospel readings in Northumbria: the legacy of Wilfrid?
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2016) - In: FS Mayke de Jong p. 317-330

14Articles  A Merovingian New Testament Manuscript and its Liturgical Notes: Paris, BnF, nouv. acq. lat. 1063
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2016) - In: Revue bénédictine vol. 126 (2016) p. 122-137

15Essay  Can a Scriptorium Always be Identified by its Products?
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2015) - In: Scriptorium. Wesen - Funktion - Eigenheiten p. 51-62

16Essay  Reflexionen über Fichtenaus "Mensch und Schrift"
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2015) - In: Urkunden - Schriften - Lebensordnungen. Neue Beiträge zur Mediävistik p. 29-38

17Essay  Un carolingien anonyme sur des vers de Virgile
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2015) - In: Les manuscrits médiévaux témoins de lectures p. 107-117

18Essay  The earliest manuscript of Lathcen's Eclogae Moralium Gregorii and the dating of Irish cursive minuscule script
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2015) - In: FS Dáibhí Ó Cróinín p. 597-624

19Articles  Carolingian Manuscripts. The Verdict of the Master
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2015) - In: Francia vol. 42 (2015) p. 253-274

20Essay  The Astronomers Life of Louis the Pious
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2014) - In: Studies Thomas F. X. Noble p. 129-148

21Essay  Visio depicta - Zur Medialität mittelalterlicher Visionsdarstellungen
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2014) - In: Handbuch der Bildtheologie. Zwischen Zeichen und Präsenz p. 145-182

22Essay  An Unedited Letter in the Laon Letter Collection unci Another New Carolingian Letter
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2013) - In: Studies John J. Contreni p. 22-30

23Essay  Does the Copenhagen Solinus Contain the Autograph of Walahfrid Strabo?
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2013) - In: Medieval autograph manuscripts. Proceedings of the XVIIth Colloquium p. 79-86

24Essay  The Old French Sermon on Jonah: The Nature of the Text
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2013) - In: Sermo doctorum. Compilers, preachers and their audiences p. 427-440

25Articles  Individual and Universal Salvation in the In honorem sanctae crucis
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2013) - In: Florilegium vol. 30 (2013) p. 167-189

26Essay  Carolingian Bibles
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2012) - In: The new Cambridge history of the bible. 2. From 600 to 1450 p. 325-337

27Essay  The Preconditions for Caroline Minuscule
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2010) - In: The history of the book in the West. A library of critical essays Pt. I p. 201-226

28Essay  Handschriften der Werke Alkuins aus dem 9. Jahrhundert
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2010) - In: Alkuin von York und die geistige Grundlegung Europas p. 185-194

29Essay  Risk and fluidity in script: an Insular instance
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2010) - In: Teaching writing, learning to write p. 17-24

30Essay  In the Nets or on the Line': A Datable Merovingian Manuscript and Its Importance
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2010) - In: Studies Jennifer O'Reilly p. 39-46

31Essay  Einhard: identities and silences
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2010) - In: Ego trouble. Authors and their identities in the early Middle Ages p. 153-160

32Essay  Fragmentierung von patristischen Texten in der Merowingerzeit
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2010) - In: Fragmente. Der Umgang mit lückenhafter Quellenüberlieferung in der Mittelalterforschung p. 151-160

33Essay  Giving to God in the Mass: the experience of the Offertory
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2009) - In: The languages of gift in the early middle ages p. 18-32

34Essay  Three Scribes in Search of a Centre
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2008) - In: Régionalisme et internationalisme. Problèmes de paléographie et de codicologie du Moyen Âge p. 13-18

35Essay  Some Carolingian questions from Charlemagne's days
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2008) - In: Essays Jinty Nelson p. 90-100

36Essay  Einhardus Peccator
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2007) - In: Lay intellectuals in the Carolingian world p. 37-50

37Essay  Harley 3941: from Jerome to Isidore
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2007) - In: Early medieval palimpsests p. 29-36

38Essay  The Vatican Vergil and the Jerome page in the First Bible of Charles the Bald
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2007) - In: Under the influence. the concept of influence and the study of illuminated manuscripts p. 45-50

39Essay  Die karolingische Minuskel.
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2006) - In: Mensch und Schrift im frühen Mittelalter. Begleitband zur Ausstellung p. 153-155

40Essay  Anglo-Saxon England
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2006) - In: The Cambridge history of libraries in Britain and Ireland. 1. To 1640 p. 91-108

41Essay  Latin Paleography since Bischoff
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2005) - In: Studies Leonard Boyle (2005) p. 91-107

42Essay  Einhard's Charlemagne: the characterization of greatness
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2005) - In: Charlemagne. Empire and society p. 38-51

43Essay  The palimpsest leaves in the Bobbio Missal
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2004) - In: The Bobbio Missal. Liturgy and Religious Culture in Merovingian Gaul p. 53-59

44Articles  The Study of Caroline Minuscule 1953-2004
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2004) - In: Archiv für Diplomatik vol. 50 (2004) p. 387-398

45Essay  Paris BN Latin 2718: Theological Texts in the Chapel and the Chancery of Louis the Pious.
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2004) - In: FS Hubert Mordek (2004) p. 137-152

46Articles  Le De Laude Dei d'Alcuin
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2004) - In: Annales de Bretagne vol. 111, 3 (2004) p. 387-392

47Essay  Roman Manuscripts in Francia and Anglo-Saxon England
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2002) - In: Roma fra Oriente e Occidente p. 607-648

48Essay  Texts and scripts in surviving manuscripts in the script of Luxeuil
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2002) - In: Ireland and Europe in the early Middle Ages p. 186-204

49Essay  Carolingian manuscripts with substantial glosses in Tironian notes
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2001) - In: Mittelalterliche volkssprachige Glossen (2001) p. 101-107

50Essay  The annotations in Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct.D.II.14
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2001) - In: Studies Henry Mayr-Harting p. 35-44

51Articles  Charlemagne in Hell
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2000) - In: Florilegium vol. 17 (2000) p. 175-194

52Essay  "Roman books" reconsidered: The theology of Carolingian display script
Ganz, David (Historiker). (2000) - In: Essays Donald A. Bullough p. 297-315

53Articles  Knowledge of Ephraim's Writings in the Merovingian and Carolingian Age
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1999) - In: Hugoye vol. 2, 1 (1999)

54Essay  "Mind in character": ancient and medieval ideas about the status of the autograph as an expression of personality.
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1997) - In: Essays M. B. Parkes p. 280-299

55Essay  The preface to Einhard's Vita Karoli
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1997) - In: Einhard. Studien zu Leben und Werk p. 299-310

56Essay  Temptabat et scribere: Vom Schreiben in der Karolingerzeit
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1996) - In: Schriftkultur und Reichsverwaltung unter den Karolingern p. 13-33

57Essay  Lucretius in the Carolingian Age: The Leiden Manuscripts and Their Carolingian Readers
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1996) - In: Medieval manuscripts of the Latin classics. Production and use p. 91-102

58Essay  Theology and the organisation of thought
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1995) - In: The new Cambridge medieval history 2 p. 758-785

59Essay  Conclusion: Visions of Carolingian Education. Past, Present, and Future
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1995) - In: The gentle voices of teachers p. 261-283

60Essay  The ideology of sharing: apostolic community and ecclesiastical property in the early Middle Ages
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1995) - In: Property and power in the early Middle Ages p. 17-30

61Essay  Mass production of early medieval manuscripts: the Carolingian Bibles from Tours
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1994) - In: The Early Medieval Bible. Its Production, Decoration and Use p. 53-62

62Articles  In memoriam: T. A. M. Bishop
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1994) - In: Old English newsletter vol. 27, 3 (1994) p. 16

63Essay  The Liber Glossarium: a Carolingian encyclopaedia
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1993) - In: Science in Western and Eastern civilization in Carolingian times p. 127-135

64Articles  An Anglo-Saxon fragment of Alcuin's letters in the Newberry Library, Chicago
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1993) - In: Anglo-Saxon England vol. 22 (1993) p. 167-177

65Articles  The Luxeuil prophets and Merovingian missionary strategies.
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1991) - In: The Yale University Library gazette vol. 66, Suppl. (1991) p. 105-117

66Essay  The Luxeuil prophets and Merovingian missionary strategies
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1991) - In: Beinecke studies in early manuscripts p. 105-117

67Essay  "Pando quod ignoro": in search of Carolingian artistic experience
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1991) - In: Essays Margaret Gibson p. 25-32

68Articles  Charters Earlier than 800 from French Collections
Ganz, David (Historiker)Goffart, Walter. (1990) - In: Speculum vol. 65 (1990) p. 906-932

69Articles  "Editorial paleography": one teacher's suggestions
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1990) - In: Gazette du livre médiéval vol. 16 (1990) p. 17-19

70Essay  The "Epitaphium Arsenii" and the opposition to Louis the Pious
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1990) - In: Charlemagne's heir p. 537-550

71Essay  Humour as history in Notker's Gesta Karoli Magni
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1989) - In: Monks, Nuns, and Friars in Mediaeval Society p. 171-183

72Essay  Corbie and Neustrian monastic culture 661-849
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1989) - In: La Neustrie Pt. 2 p. 339-347

73Articles  The preconditions for caroline minuscule
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1987) - In: Viator vol. 18 (1987) p. 23-44

74Articles  Codex Laudunensis 468
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1985) - In: Peritia vol. 4 (1985) p. 360-370

75Articles  The reception of Bede's grammatical textbooks in the Carolingian Empire: a new perspective on his influence.
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1984) - In: Old English newsletter vol. 17, 2 (1984) p. A44

76Essay  Bureaucratic shorthand and Merovingian learning
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1983) - In: Studies J. M. Wallace-Hadrill p. 58-75

77Articles  Traube on "Schrifttypen"
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1982) - In: Scriptorium vol. 36 (1982) p. 293-303

78Essay  The Merovingian library of Corbie
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1981) - In: Columbanus and Merovingian monasticism p. 153-172

79Essay  The debate on predestination
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1981) - In: Charles the Bald. Court and kingdom p. 353-373

80Essay  A tenth-century drawing of Philosophy visiting Boethius
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1981) - In: Boethius. His Life, Thought and Influence p. 275-277

81Articles  The buildings of Godstow Nunnery
Ganz, David (Historiker). (1972) - In: Oxoniensia vol. 37 (1972) p. 150-157

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