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1Collection of Essays  Textiles and dyes in the mediterranean economy and society: proceedings of the VIth International Symposium on Textiles and Dyes in the Ancient Mediterranean World (Padova - Este - Altino, Italy 17 - 20 October 2016)
Busana, Maria StellaGleba, MargaritaMeo, FrancescoTricomi, Anna Rosa [Publ.]. - Zaragoza (2018)

2Collection of Essays  Making textiles in pre-Roman and Roman times: people, places, identities
Gleba, MargaritaPásztókai-Szöke, Judit [Publ.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2013)

3Collection of Essays  Textiles and textile production in Europe from prehistory to AD 400
Gleba, Margarita [Publ.]. - Oxford (2012)

4Collection of Essays  Dressing the past
Gleba, Margarita [Publ.]. - Oxford (2008)

5Essay  Textile reuse in Roman naval contexts
Gleba, MargaritaBusana, Maria Stella. (2024) - In: Economic circularity in the Roman and early medieval worlds. New perspectives on invisible agents and dynamics p. 85-104

6Essay  Textiles, dyes and pigments of the European Scythians: preliminary analyses of materials from southern Ukraine
Gleba, MargaritaVanden Berghe, InaDaragan, Marina N.. (2020) - In: Masters of the Steppe. The Impact of the Scythians and Later Nomad Societies of Eurasia p. 156-166

7Articles  Dressing the sacrifice: textiles, textile production and the sacrificial economy at Casas del Turuñuelo in fifth-century BC Iberia
Marín-Aguilera, BeatrizRodríguez-González, EstherCelestino, SebastiánGleba, Margarita. (2019) - In: Antiquity. A quarterly review of archaeology vol. 93 (2019) p. 933-953

8Articles  First Identification of Club Moss Use in Roman Britain
Gleba, MargaritaFoulds, Elizabeth M.Teasdale, AlRuss, Hannah. (2017) - In: Archaeological textiles review vol. 59 (2017) p. 17-23

9Essay  Italian textiles from prehistory to Late Antique times
Gleba, Margarita. (2014) - In: Essays Lise Bender Jørgensen p. 145-169

10Essay  Auratae vestes
Gleba, Margarita. (2013) - In: Das Thema Kleidung in den Etymologien Isidors von Sevilla und im Summarium Heinrici 1 p. 555-564

11Essay  Chasing gold threads: auratac vestes from Hellenistic rulers to Varangian guards
Gleba, Margarita. (2013) - In: From Goths to Varangians. Communication and cultural exchange between the Baltic and the Black Sea p. 193-212

12Articles  Textile templates for ceramic crucibles in early Islamic Akhsiket, Uzbekistan
Alipour, RahifGleba, MargaritaRehre, Thilo. (2011) - In: Archaeological textiles newsletter vol. 53 (2011) p. 15-27

13Articles  A thread to the past: the Huldremose Woman revisited
Gleba, MargaritaMannering, Ulla. (2010) - In: Archaeological textiles newsletter vol. 50 (2010) p. 32-37

14Articles  Early twined textiles from Sugokleya (Ukraine)
Gleba, MargaritaNikolova, Alla. (2009) - In: Archaeological textiles newsletter vol. 48 (2009) p. 7-9

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