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1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Griffith, David. (2016)

2Essay  Texts and detexting on late medieval English church screens
Griffith, David. (2020) - In: The Art and Science of the Church Screen in Medieval Europe. Making, Meaning, Preserving p. 71-99

3Essay  Texts and detexting on late medieval English church screens
Griffith, David. (2017) - In: The art and science of the church screen in Medieval Europe p. 71-99

4Essay  The Passion Cycle in English wall paintings and manuscript art: readers and spectators in midlands communities in the later medieval period.
Canty, RachelGriffith, David. (2014) - In: Devotional culture in late medieval England and Europe p. 267-289

5Articles  A Living Language of the Dead? French Commemorative Inscriptions from Late Medieval England
Griffith, David. (2013) - In: The Mediaeval Journal vol. 3, 2 (2013) p. 69-136

6Essay  The Seven Works of Mercy in the Parish Church: the Development of a Vernacular Tradition
Griffith, David. (2012) - In: Patrons and professionals in the Middle Ages p. 292-315

7Articles  A Newly Identified Verse Item by John Lydgate at Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk
Griffith, David. (2011) - In: Notes and queries Ser. NS, vol. 58 (2011) p. 364-366

8Essay  English commemorative inscriptions: some literary dimensions
Griffith, David. (2010) - In: Memory and commemoration in medieval England p. 251-270

9Essay  Owners and Copyists of John Rous's Armorial Rolls
Griffith, David. (2007) - In: Essays in manuscript geography. Vernacular manuscripts of the English West Midlands p. 203-230

10Essay  The visual history of Guy of Warwick
Griffith, David. (2007) - In: Guy of Warwick. Icon and ancestor p. 110-132

11Essay  A Portrait of the Reader: Secular Donors and their Books in the Art of the English Parish Church
Griffith, David. (2005) - In: Imagining the book p. 209-236

12Essay  Visual culture
Griffith, David. (2005) - In: Chaucer. An Oxford Guide p. 190-207

13Essay  The reception of continental women mystics in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century England
Griffith, David. (2004) - In: The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England (2004) p. 97-117

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