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1Monographie  Medieval Muslims, Christians, and Jews in dialogue: the Apparicion maistre Jehan de Meun of Honorat Bovet ; a critical edition with English translation
Hanly, Michael Gerard. - Tempe, Ariz. (2005)

2Monographie  The relation of Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde" to the "Roman de Troyle" of Beauvau, Seneschal of Anjou
Hanly, Michael Gerard. - [University of California, Irvine] (1988)

3Essay  Philippe de Mezieres and the Peace Movement
Hanly, Michael Gerard. (2012) - In: Philippe de Mézières and his age p. 61-82

4Essay  Witness to the Schism: The Writings of Honorat Bovet
Hanly, Michael Gerard. (2009) - In: A companion to the Great Western Schism 1378 - 1417 p. 159-196

5Essay  Marriage, War, and Good Government in Late-Fourteenth-Century Europe: The De regimine principum Tradition in Langland, Mézières, and Bovet
Hanly, Michael Gerard. (2003) - In: Studies Henry Ansgar Kelly p. 327-350

6Essay  France
Hanly, Michael Gerard. (2000) - In: A companion to Chaucer p. 149-166

7Articles  Courtiers and poets: an international system of literary exchange in late fourteenth-century Italy, France and England
Hanly, Michael Gerard. (1997) - In: Viator vol. 28 (1997) p. 306-332

8Articles  An edition of Richart Eudes's French translation of Pietro da Eboli's "De balneis Puteolanis"
Hanly, Michael Gerard. (1996) - In: Traditio vol. 51 (1996) p. 227-255

9Articles  Les batailles d'Honorat Bovet: essai de biographie
Millet, HélèneHanly, Michael Gerard. (1996) - In: Romania vol. 114 (1996) p. 135-181

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