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1Monographie  English aristocratic women and the fabric of piety, 1450-1550
Harris, Barbara J.. - Amsterdam (2018)

2Monographie  English aristocratic women, 1450 - 1550: marriage and family, property and careers
Harris, Barbara J.. - Oxford [u.a.] (2002)

3Essay  What they wrote: Early Tudor aristocratic women, 1450-1550
Harris, Barbara J.. (2016) - In: Women and epistolary agency in early modern culture 1450-1690 p. 23-35

4Articles  Defining Themselves: English Aristocratic Women, 1450-1550
Harris, Barbara J.. (2010) - In: Journal of British Studies vol. 49 (2010) p. 734-752

5Articles  Aristocratic and Gentry Women, 1460-1640
Harris, Barbara J.. (2006) - In: History Compass vol. 4 (2006) p. 668-686

6Essay  Sisterhood, Friendship and the Power of English Aristocratic Women
Harris, Barbara J.. (2004) - In: Women and politics in early modern England, 1450 - 1700 p. 21-50

7Essay  Space, Time, and the Power of Aristocratic Wives in Yorkist and Early Tudor England, 1450-1550
Harris, Barbara J.. (2001) - In: Time, space, and women's lives in early modern Europe p. 245-264

8Essay  Spazio, tempo e potere delle mogli aristocratiche nell'Inghilterra dei primi Tudor (1450-1550)
Harris, Barbara J.. (1999) - In: Tempi e spazi di vita femminile tra medioevo ed età moderna p. 225-254

9Essay  Aristocratic women and the state in Early Tudor England
Harris, Barbara J.. (1998) - In: Essays A. J. Slavin p. 3-24

10Articles  A new look at the reformation: aristocratic women and nunneries, 1450-1540
Harris, Barbara J.. (1993) - In: Journal of British Studies vol. 32 (1993) p. 89-113

11Essay  Landlords and tenants in England in the late Middle Ages: the Buckingham estates
Harris, Barbara J.. (1976) - In: Peasants, knights and heretics p. 216-220

12Articles  Landlords and Tenants in England in the Late Middle Ages: The Buckingham Estates
Harris, Barbara J.. (1969) - In: Past and Present vol. 43 (1969) p. 146-150

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