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1Collection of Essays  Cín Chille Cúile: Texts, Saints and Places. Essays in Honour of Pádraig Ó Riain
Carey, JohnHerbert, MáireMurray, K. [Publ.]. - Aberystwyth (2004)

2Collection of Essays  Studies in Irish Hagiography. Saints and Scholars
Carey, JohnHerbert, MáireÓ Riain, Pádraig [Publ.]. - Dublin (2001)

3Sachtitel  Irish biblical apocrypha: selected texts in translation
Herbert, MáireMcNamara, Martin [Publ.]. - Edinburgh (1989)

4Monographie  Iona, Kells, and Derry: the history and hagiography of the monastic familia of Columba
Herbert, Máire. - Oxford (1988)

5Sachtitel  Betha Adamnáin. The Irish life of Adamnán
Herbert, MáireÓ Riain, Pádraig [Publ.]. - London (1988)

6Monographie  Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in Cambridge libraries
De Brún, PádraigHerbert, Máire. - Cambridge (1986)

7Monographie  The monastic paruchia of Colum Cille in pre-Norman Ireland: its history and hagiography
Herbert, Máire. - [University of Cambridge] (1986)

8Essay  The Fleet of Inber Domnann
Herbert, Máire. (2017) - In: The end and beyond. Medieval Irish eschatology p. 715-720

9Essay  Observations on the Vita of Bishop Áed mac Bricc.
Herbert, Máire. (2013) - In: FS Gearóid Mac Eoin p. 64-74

10Essay  Hagiography and holy bodies: observations on corporeal relics in pre-Viking Ireland
Herbert, Máire. (2010) - In: L'Irlanda e gli Irlandesi nell'alto Medioevo p. 239-258

11Essay  The Representation of Gregory the Great in Irish Sources of the Pre-Viking Era
Herbert, Máire. (2010) - In: Studies Jennifer O'Reilly p. 181-190

12Essay  Medieval collections of ecclesiastical and devotional materials: Leabhar Breac, Liber Flavus Fergusiorum and The Book of Fenagh
Herbert, Máire. (2009) - In: Treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Library p. 33-43

13Articles  Preliminary remarks on the content of a recently-discovered Cork manuscript
Herbert, Máire. (2008) - In: Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society vol. 113 (2008) p. 144-150

14Essay  The hagiographical miscellany in Franciscan manuscript A 3.
Herbert, Máire. (2007) - In: Léann lámhscríbhinní Lobháin = The Louvain manuscript heritage p. 112-126

15Articles  Crossing Historical and Literary Boundaries: Irish Written Culture Around the Year 1000
Herbert, Máire. (2007) - In: Cambrian medieval Celtic studies vol. 53/54 (2007) p. 87-103

16Articles  Catalogue of Irish Language Manuscripts, in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Oxford College Libraries by O Cuiv
Herbert, Máire. (2005) - In: Eigse vol. 35 (2005) p. 125-126

17Articles  Aislinge Meic Conglinne: contextual considerations
Herbert, Máire. (2005) - In: Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society vol. 110 (2005) p. 65-72

18Essay  Becoming an exile: Colum Cille in middle Irish poetry
Herbert, Máire. (2005) - In: FS Patrick K. Ford p. 131-140

19Essay  Before Charters? Property Records in Pre-Anglo-Norman Ireland
Herbert, Máire. (2005) - In: Charters and charter scholarship in Britain and Ireland p. 107-119

20Essay  Observations on the Life of Molaga.
Herbert, Máire. (2004) - In: Essays Pádraig Ó Riain p. 127-140

21Essay  The Life of Martin of Tours: a view from twelfth-century Ireland
Herbert, Máire. (2002) - In: Essays Próinséas Ní Chatháin p. 76-84

22Essay  The world of Adomnán
Herbert, Máire. (2001) - In: Adomnán at Birr, AD 697 p. 33-39

23Essay  The Vita Columbae and Irish hagiography: a study of the Vita Cainnechi
Herbert, Máire. (2001) - In: Studies in Irish Hagiography. Saints and Scholars p. 31-40

24Essay  Latin and Vernacular Hagiography of Ireland from the Origins to the Sixteenth Century
Herbert, Máire. (2001) - In: Hagiographies. Histoire internationale de la littérature Pt. 3 p. 327-360

25Articles  The legend of St Scothíne: perspectives from early Christian Ireland
Herbert, Máire. (2000 - 2001) - In: Studia hibernica vol. 31 (2000/01) p. 27-35

26Essay  Rí Éirenn, Rí Alban, kingship and identity in the ninth and tenth centuries
Herbert, Máire. (2000) - In: Essays Marjorie Ogilvie Anderson p. 62-72

27Essay  Literary sea-voyages and early Munster hagiography
Herbert, Máire. (1999) - In: Celtic Connections. Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Celtic Studies 1 p. 182-189

28Essay  Sea-divided Gaels? Constructing relationships between Irish and Scots c. 800-1169
Herbert, Máire. (1999) - In: Britain and Ireland 900-1300 p. 87-97

29Essay  The death of Muirchertach Mac Erca: a twelfth century tale.
Herbert, Máire. (1997) - In: Celts and Vikings. Proceedings p. 27-39

30Essay  Transmutations of an Irish goddess.
Herbert, Máire. (1996) - In: The concept of the goddess p. 141-151

31Essay  Hagiography
Herbert, Máire. (1996) - In: Progress in medieval Irish studies p. 79-90

32Essay  Charter material from Kells
Herbert, Máire. (1994) - In: The Book of Kells p. 60-77

33Articles  An Infancy Narrative of Saint Ciarán
Herbert, Máire. (1994) - In: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium vol. 14 (1994) p. 1-8

34Essay  The Universe of Male and Female: A Reading of the Deirdre Story
Herbert, Máire. (1992) - In: Celtic languages and Celtic peoples p. 53-64

35Essay  Goddess and king: the sacred marriage in Early Ireland
Herbert, Máire. (1992) - In: Women and Sovereignty p. 264-275

36Essay  Celtic heroine? The archaeology of the Deirdre story
Herbert, Máire. (1991) - In: Gender in Irish writing p. 13-22

37Articles  "Fled Dúin na nGéd": a reappraisal
Herbert, Máire. (1989) - In: Cambridge medieval Celtic studies vol. 18 (1989) p. 75-87

38Essay  The preface to Amra Coluim Cille.
Herbert, Máire. (1989) - In: Studies James Carney p. 67-75

39Articles  The Irish "Sex aetates mundi": first editions
Herbert, Máire. (1986) - In: Cambridge medieval Celtic studies vol. 11 (1986) p. 97-112

40Essay  Art. Derry
Herbert, Máire. (1986) - In: Lexikon des Mittelalters Pt. 3 p. Sp. 712-713

41Articles  The provenance of Laud Misc. 615
O'Sullivan, AnneHerbert, Máire. (1973) - In: Celtica vol. 10 (1973) p. 174-192

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