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1Collection of Essays  Rus. Vikinger i øst
Asingh, PaulineJensen, Kristian [Publ.]. - Højbjerg (2022)

2Sachtitel  Incunabula: the printing revolution in Europe, 1455 - 1500 ; a guide to units 56, 57, 58, 59, 67, 78, 79 & 83 of the microfilm collection ; bibles and commentaries parts I - VIII
Jensen, Kristian [Publ.]. - Andover [u.a.] (2011)

3Collection of Essays  Incunabula and their readers: printing, selling and using books in the fifteenth century
Jensen, Kristian [Publ.]. - London (2003)

4Monographie  Rhetorical philosophy and philosophical grammar: Julius Caesar Scaliger's theory of language
Jensen, Kristian. - Paderborn (1990)

5Articles  Locher's and Grüninger's edition of Horace from Strasbourg 1498: At the crossroads between printed and manuscript book production and use
Jensen, Kristian. (2020) - In: Interfaces. A journal of medieval European literatures vol. 7 (2020) p. 37-63

6Essay  Reading Augustine in the Fifteenth Century
Jensen, Kristian. (2013) - In: Cultures of religious reading in the Late Middle Ages p. 141-174

7Essay  The Gutenberg Bible
Jensen, Kristian. (2010) - In: Lambeth Palace Library. Treasures from the collection of the Archbishops of Canterbury p. 64-66

8Essay  Creating a Better Past: Collectors of Incunabula in the Late Eighteenth Century
Jensen, Kristian. (2010) - In: Early printed books as material objects p. 281-290

9Essay  An unrecorded London sale of the Gutenberg Bible
Jensen, Kristian. (2004) - In: Essays Toshiyuki Takamiya p. 443-450

10Articles  Exporting and importino Italian Humanism. The Reception of Italian printd editions of classical authors and their commentators at the University of Leipzig.
Jensen, Kristian. (2004) - In: Italia medioevale e umanistica vol. 45 (2004) p. 437-497

11Essay  Printing the Bible in the fifteenth century: devotion, philology and commerce
Jensen, Kristian. (2003) - In: Incunabula and their readers. Printing, selling and using books in the fifteenth century p. 115-138

12Essay  Description, division, definition: Cæsalpinus and the study of plants as an independent discipline
Jensen, Kristian. (2001) - In: Renaissance readings of the Corpus Aristotelicum p. 185-206

13Essay  Elementary Latin Grammars Printed in the Fifteenth Century: Patterns of Continuity and of Change
Jensen, Kristian. (2001) - In: Von Eleganz und Barbarei. Lateinische Grammatik und Stilistik in Renaissance und Barock p. 103-124

14Articles  The incunabula short-title catalogue -ISTC: past, present, future
Jensen, Kristian. (2001) - In: Bollettino della Società Pavese di Storia Patria vol. 101 (2001) p. 135-144

15Articles  Incunabula at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Jensen, Kristian. (2000) - In: Notes and queries Ser. NS, vol. 47 (2000) p. 1-4

16Essay  Problems of provenance: incunabula in the Bodleian Library's Benefactors' Register, 1600-2
Jensen, Kristian. (1999) - In: Studies Lotte Hellinga p. 559-602

17Essay  Text-books in the universities: the evidence from the books
Jensen, Kristian. (1999) - In: The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain Pt. 3 p. 354-379

18Essay  The Latin grammar of Aldus Manutius and its Fortuna
Jensen, Kristian. (1998) - In: Essays Franklin D. Murphy p. 247-285

19Essay  The Bodleian Library's acquisition of incunabula with English and Scottish medieval monastic provenances
Coates, Alan E.Jensen, Kristian. (1997) - In: Essays Andrew Watson p. 237-259

20Essay  The humanist reform of Latin and Latin teaching
Jensen, Kristian. (1996) - In: The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism p. 63-81

21Essay  Humanist Latin grammars in Germany and their Italian background
Jensen, Kristian. (1996) - In: Italia ed Europa nella linguistica del Rinascimento Pt. 2 p. 23-41

22Articles  Rhetorical philosophy and philosophical grammar: Julius Caesar Scaliger's theory of language
Jensen, Kristian. (1991) - In: Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies vol. 8, 2 (1991) p. 9-15

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