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1Monographie  Eloquent bodies: movement, expression, and the human figure in Gothic sculpture.
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. - New Haven, Conn. [u.a.] (2020)

2Monographie  The gothic screen: space, sculpture, and community in the cathedrals of France and Germany, ca. 1200 - 1400.
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2013)

3Collection of Essays  Historical grammar of the visual arts
Riegl, Alois. Jung, Jacqueline Elaine [Ed.]. - New York (2004)

4Monographie  The west choir screen of Naumburg Cathedral and the formation of social and sacred space
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. - [Columbia University] (2002)

5Essay  Willibald Sauerländer: gothic sculpture in France and beyond.
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2022) - In: Willibald Sauerländer und die Kunstgeschichte p. 54-87

6Essay  The work of Gothic sculpture in the age of photographic reproduction
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2021) - In: The lives and afterlives of medieval iconography p. 161-199

7Essay  In praise of the pigeon: interpretive adventures in Naumburg Cathedral.
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2021) - In: How do images work? Strategies of visual communication in medieval art p. 149-164

8Essay  Moving pictures on the Gothic choir screen
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2020) - In: The Art and Science of the Church Screen in Medieval Europe. Making, Meaning, Preserving p. 176-194

9Essay  Epilogue: The Strangeness of Crucifixes
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2020) - In: Christ on the Cross. The Boston Crucifix and the rise of monumental wood sculpture, 970-1200 p. 406-419

10Articles  The Gerichtspfeiler as Gedankenpfeiler: Movement, Medium, and Memory in the South Transept of Strasbourg Cathedral
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2020) - In: Vorträge aus dem Warburg-Haus vol. 14 (2020) p. 7-41, 145-153

11Essay  France, Germany, and the Historiography of Gothic Sculpture
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2019) - In: A companion to medieval art. Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe (2) p. 513-546

12Essay  The Boots of Saint Hedwig: Thoughts on the Limits of the Agency of Things
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2018) - In: The agency of things in Medieval and early modern art. Materials, power and manipulation p. 173-196

13Essay  Compassion as Moral Virtue: Another Look at the Wise and Foolish Virgins in Gothic Sculpture
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2018) - In: Faces of charisma. Image, text, object in Byzantium and the medieval West p. 76-127

14Essay  Moving pictures on the Gothic choir screen
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2017) - In: The art and science of the church screen in Medieval Europe p. 176-194

15Articles  The Medieval Choir Screen in Sacred Space: The Dynamic Interiors of Vezzolano and Breisach
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2017) - In: British art studies vol. 5 (2017)

16Essay  Moving Viewers, Moving Pictures: The Portal as Montage on the Strasbourg South Transept
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2015) - In: Mouvement-Bewegung. Über die dynamischen Potenziale der Kunst p. 23-44

17Essay  The Portal from San Vicente Martír in Frías: Sex, Violence, and the Comfort of Community in Thirteenth-Century Sculpture Program at The Cloisters
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2015) - In: FS Martin Büchsel p. 369-382

18Essay  The kinetics of gothic sculpture: movement and apprehension in the South transept of Strasbourg cathedral and the Chartreuse de Campmol in Dijon.
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2013) - In: Mobile Eyes. Peripatetisches Sehen in den Bildkulturen der Vormoderne p. 133-173

19Essay  Die Klugen und Törichten Jungfrauen am Nordquerhaus des Magdeburger Domes und ihre Stellung in der Geschichte der europäischen Kunst
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2012) - In: Der Magdeburger Dom im europäischen Kontext p. 199-216

20Essay  Das Programm des Westlettners
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2011) - In: Der Naumburger Meister. Bildhauer und Architekt im Europa der Kathedralen Pt. 2 p. 1137-1146

21Essay  Viel Spiel: The Baby Jesus and the Play of Art in a Late Medieval Convent" (abstract)
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2010) - In: The "vision thing" studying divine intervention p. 520-521

22Essay  The tactile and the visionary: notes on the place of sculpture in the Medieval religious imagination.
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2010) - In: Looking beyond. Visions, dreams, and insights in medieval art and history p. 203-240

23Essay  The Passion, the Jews, and the Crisis of the Individual on the Naumburg West Choir Screen
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2008) - In: Beyond the yellow badge. Anti-Judaism and antisemitism in Medieval and early modern visual culture p. 145-178

24Essay  Crystalline Wombs and Pregnant Hearts: The Exuberant Bodies of the Katharinenthal Visitation Group
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2007) - In: History in the comic mode. Medieval communities and the matter of person p. 223-237

25Essay  Seeing through screens
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2006) - In: Thresholds of the sacred. Architectural, art historical, liturgical, and theological perspectives p. 184-213

26Essay  The stone bible: Faith in images
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2006) - In: Set in stone. The face in medieval sculpture p. 74-99

27Essay  Dynamic bodies and the beholder's share: the wise and foolish virgins of Magdeburg Cathedral
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2006) - In: Bild und Körper im Mittelalter p. 135-160

28Essay  Übersetzungsfragen: Form, Communication, and Questions of Translating Riegl
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2004) - In: Riegl, Historical grammar of the visual arts p. 37-48

29Articles  Peasant Meal or Lord's Feast? The Social Iconography of the Naumburg Last Supper
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2003) - In: Gesta vol. 42 (2003) p. 39-62

30Articles  Beyond the barrier: the unifying role of the choir screen in Gothic churches
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2000) - In: The Art bulletin vol. 82, 4 (2000) p. 622-657

31Essay  From Jericho to Jerusalem. The violent transformation of Archbishop Engelbert of Cologne
Jung, Jacqueline Elaine. (2000) - In: Last things. Death and the Apocalypse in the Middle Ages p. 60-82, 283-292

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