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1Collection of Essays  Intercultural encounters in medieval Greece after 1204: the evidence of art and material culture
Kalopissi-Verti, SophiaPhoskolu, Basilike [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2022)

2Collection of Essays  Polyglosso eikonographemeno lexiko oron byzantines architektonikes kai glyptikes
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia [Publ.]. - Erakleio (2010)

3Collection of Essays  Archaeology and the crusades: proceedings of the round table, Nicosia, 1 february 2005
Edbury, Peter W.Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia [Publ.]. - Athens (2007)

4Monographie  Dedicatory inscriptions and Donor portraits in thirteenth-century churches of Greece
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. - Wien (1992)

5Monographie  Die Kirche der Hagia Triada bei Kranidi in der Argolis (1244): Ikonographische und stilistische Analyse der Malereien
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. - München (1975)

6Articles  Thirteenth-century painting in the lordship of Athens: the cases of Hagios Petros in Kalyvia Kourava and the Omophri Ekklesia at Galatsi: some new thoughts.
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2021) - In: Arte medievale Ser. 4, vol. 11 (2021) p. 59-78

7Essay  Picturing “Real” Children and Adolescents in Byzantium. Aspects of their Images in Dedicatory and Funerary Context
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2021) - In: FS Helmut Buschhausen p. 195-220

8Essay  Reconsidering a Byzantine Inscription from Aegina
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2016) - In: Inscriptions in the Byzantine and post-byzantine history and history of art p. 253-278

9Essay  Byzantine Dedicatory Inscriptions and Donor Portraits (7th-15th c.). A Project in Progress at the University of Athens
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2015) - In: Inscriptions in Byzantium and beyond. Methods - projects - case studies p. 135-156

10Essay  Monumental Art in the Lordship of Athens and Thebes under Frankish and Catalan Rule (1212-1388): Latin and Greek Patronage
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2015) - In: A Companion to Latin Greece p. 369-418

11Essay  Mistra. A Fortified Late Byzantine Settlement
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2013) - In: Heaven and earth. 2. Cities and countryside in Byzantine Greece p. 224-239

12Essay  Inventory of Paleographic Forms in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Murals
Carr, Annemarie WeylKalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2012) - In: Asinou across time. Studies in the architecture and murals of the Panagia Phorbiotissa, Cyprus p. 371-386

13Essay  Stylistic observations on the painted decoration of St. Nicholas at Achragias in Laconia / Peloponnese
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2012) - In: Symmeikta. Zbornik radova povodom cetrdeset godina Instituta p. 263-274

14Articles  Female Church Founders: The Agency of the Village Widow in Late Byzantium
Gerstel , Sharon E. J.Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2012) - In: Wiener Jahrbuch für Kunstgeschichte vol. 60 (2012) p. 195-212

15Essay  The Murals of the Narthex: The Paintings of the Late Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2012) - In: Asinou across time. Studies in the architecture and murals of the Panagia Phorbiotissa, Cyprus p. 115-210

16Essay  Aspects of Byzantine art after the recapture of Constantinople (1261 - c. 1300): reflections of imperial policy, reactions, confrontation with the Latins.
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2012) - In: Orient et occident méditerranéens au XIIIe siècle p. 41-64

17Essay  Collective Patterns of Patronage in the Late Byzantine Village: the Evidence of Church Inscriptions
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2012) - In: Donation et donateurs dans le monde byzantin p. 125-140

18Essay  Excavations on the Holy Summit Qebel Müsä at Mount Sinai: Preliminary Remarks on the Justinianic Basilica
Kalopissi-Verti, SophiaPanayotidi, Maria. (2010) - In: Approaching the Holy Mountain. Art and Liturgy at St Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai p. 73-106

19Essay  Pilgrimage to Sinai. The evidence of icons displaying donor portraits and I or dedicatory inscriptions
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2008) - In: Routes of faith in the medieval mediterranean p. 202-

20Essay  Epiptoseis tes 4. stayrophorias ste mnemeiake zographike tes Peloponneesu kai tes Anatolikes stereas Elladas eos ta tele tu 13u aiona [The impact of the fourth crusade on monumental painting in the Peloponnese and Eastern Central Greece up to the end of the thirteenth century ]
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2007) - In: E Byzantine techne meta ten tetarte staurophoria p. 63-88

21Essay  Relations between East and West in the Lordship of Athens and Thebes after 1204: Archaeological and Artistic Evidence
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2007) - In: Archaeology and the crusades. Proceedings p. 1-34

22Articles  Church foundations by entire villages 13th-16th c.: A short note
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2007) - In: Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog Instituta vol. 44 (2007) p. 333-340

23Essay  Painters's information on themselves in late Byzantine church inscriptions
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2007) - In: L'artista a Bisanzio e nel mondo cristiano-orientale p. 55-70

24Essay  The proskynetaria of the templon and narthex
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2006) - In: Thresholds of the sacred. Architectural, art historical, liturgical, and theological perspectives p. 106-132

25Essay  Patronage and artistic production in Byzantium during the Palaiologan period
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2006) - In: Byzantium. Faith and power (1261-1557) p. 76-97

26Essay  Representations of the Virgin in Lusignan Cyprus
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2004) - In: Images of the Mother of God p. 305-320

27Articles  Church Inscriptions as Documents. Chrysobulls - Ecclesiastical Acts - Inventories - Donations - Wills
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2003) - In: Deltion tes Christianikes Archaiologikes Hetaireias Ser. 4, vol. 24 (2003) p. 79-88

28Essay  Zur Kirche der Hagia Anna auf der Insel Kea/Kykladen: Malereifragmente aus der Zeit Michaels VIII. Palaiologos (?)
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (2000) - In: FS Marcell Restle p. 131-145

29Essay  Stylistic Trends in the Palaeologan Painted Churches of the Mani, Péloponnèse
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1999) - In: FS André Grabar p. 193-207

30Essay  Aspects of Patronage in Fourteenth-Century Byzantium: Regions under Serbian and Latin Rule
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1996) - In: Byzantium and Serbia in the Fourteenth Century p. 363-379

31Articles  Painters in late Byzantine society. The evidence of church inscriptions
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1994) - In: Cahiers archéologiques. Fin de l'antiquité et Moyen Âge vol. 42 (1994) p. 139-158

32Articles  Painters' Portraits in Byzantine Art
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1993 - 1994) - In: Deltion tes Christianikes Archaiologikes Hetaireias Ser. 4, vol. 17 (1993/94) p. 129-142

33Essay  Eine unbekannte spätbyzantinische Kirche in Lakonien
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1988) - In: FS Klaus Wessel p. 147-166

34Essay  Tendenze stilistiche della pittura monumentale in Grecia durante il XIII secolo
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1984) - In: La Grecia paleocristiana e bizantina p. 221-253

35Essay  Osservazioni iconografiche sulla pittura monumentale della Grecia durante il XIII secolo
Kalopissi-Verti, Sophia. (1984) - In: La Grecia paleocristiana e bizantina p. 191-220

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