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1Monographie  The McCarthy Collection 3: French miniatures
Kidd, Peter. - London (2021)

2Monographie  500 years: treasures from the library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Kidd, Peter. - London (2017)

3Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Kidd, Peter. (2016)

4Collection of Essays  The St. Albans psalter: painting and prayer in medieval England
Collins, Kristen M.Kidd, PeterTurner, Nancy L.. - Los Angeles, Calif. (2013)

5Monographie  Supplement to the Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at the Huntington Library
Kidd, Peter. - Berkeley (2009)

6Monographie  Medieval manuscripts from the collection of T. R. Buchanan in the Bodleian Library, Oxford
Kidd, Peter. - Oxford (2001)

7Articles  Cuttings from an Illustrated Twelfth-Century French Manuscript Bible in Los Angeles and Berlin
Alai, BeatriceKidd, Peter. (2024) - In: The Getty research journal vol. 19 (2024)

8Essay  Medieval manuscripts from the collection of Captain Jack Ball
Kidd, Peter. (2021) - In: Beyond Words. Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections p. 283-300

9Articles  Medieval Origins Revealed by Modern Provenance: The Case of the Bywater Missal
Kidd, Peter. (2016) - In: Manuscript studies vol. 1 (2016) p. 273-292

10Essay  UCLA Rouse MS 32: The Provenance of a Dismembered Italian Book of Hours Illuminated by the Master of the Brüssels Initials
Kidd, Peter. (2011) - In: Medieval manuscripts, their makers and users p. 279-292

11Articles  The Ghost of Abbot Vere and the Winchester Psalter
Kidd, Peter. (2010) - In: Notes and queries Ser. NS, vol. 57 (2010) p. 19-20

12Articles  An unnoticed photograph at Houghton Library; or, unknown leaves from the library of Raphael de Marcatellis
Kidd, Peter. (2010) - In: Harvard Library bulletin vol. 21 (2010) p. 143-151

13Articles  Codicological Clues to the Patronage of Stowe MS. 39: A Fifteenth-Century Illustrated Nun's Book in Middle English
Kidd, Peter. (2009) - In: The Electronic British Library Journal , 5 (2009) p. [1-12]

14Essay  Contents and codicology
Kidd, Peter. (2008) - In: Dombibliothek Hildesheim. The Albani Psalter p. 41-155

15Articles  A Franciscan Bible Illuminated in the Style of William de Brailes
Kidd, Peter. (2007) - In: The Electronic British Library Journal , 8 (2007) p. [1-20]

16Articles  Cambridge, Pembroke College MS 120: overlooked and new observations
Kidd, Peter. (2006) - In: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society vol. 13 (2006) p. 289-299

17Essay  A Re-examination of the Date of an Eleventh-Century Psalter from Winchester (British Library, MS Arundel 60)
Kidd, Peter. (2000) - In: Studies in the illustration of the psalter p. 42-54

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