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1Monographie  The cross, the gospels, and the work of art in the Carolingian Age
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. - Cambridge (2019)

2Collection of Essays  After the Carolingians: Re-defining Manuscript Illumination in the 10th and 11th Centuries
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.O'Driscoll, Joshua [Publ.]. - Berlin (2019)

3Monographie  Cross and Book: Late-Carolingian Breton Gospel Illumination and the Instrumental Cross
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. - [Harvard University] (2012)

4Essay  Book composition and the law in the Wandalgarius Codex
Davis, Jennifer R.Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2023) - In: I Franchi (2023) p. 1319-1352

5Essay  Iconographies of Progress
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2022) - In: Iconography Beyond the Crossroads. Image, Meaning, and Method in Medieval Art p. 91-120

6Essay  The Good, the Bad, and the Ivory: On Moral Distinction in Carolingian Crucifixions
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2021) - In: Tributes Richard K. Emmerson p. 265-286

7Articles  Wandalgarius' letters of the law: figural initials and book culture in the late eighth century.
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2021) - In: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte vol. 84 (2021) p. 291-324

8Articles  Scriptural time and painted text in the First Bible of Charles the Bald
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2021) - In: Codex aquilarensis vol. 37 (2021) p. 145-162

9Essay  The Cross and the Monumental Crucifix
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2020) - In: Christ on the Cross. The Boston Crucifix and the rise of monumental wood sculpture, 970-1200 p. 390-405

10Essay  Working with Images in Manuscripts
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2020) - In: The Cambridge Companion to Medieval British Manuscripts p. 76-105

11Essay  Eusebian Thinking and Early Medieval Gospel Illumination
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2020) - In: Canones - The Art of Harmony. The Canon Tables of the Four Gospels p. 133-172

12Essay  Framing the Gospels, c. 1000: iconicity, textuality, and knowledge.
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2020) - In: The visualization of knowledge in medieval and early modern Europe p. 87-114

13Essay  Introduction
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.O'Driscoll, Joshua. (2019) - In: After the Carolingians. Re-defining Manuscript Illumination in the 10th and 11th Centuries p. 1-15

14Essay  Representing the Gospels Beyond the Carolingian Center
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2018) - In: Imago libri. Représentations carolingiennes du livre p. 151-162

15Essay  Evangeliario Bretone (Arch. Cap. S. Pietro, D.154)
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2017) - In: Bibbia. Immagini e scrittura nella Biblioteca apostolica vaticana p. 144-145

16Essay  Graphic and Figural Representation in Touronian Gospel Illumination
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2017) - In: Graphic devices and the early decorated book p. 179-203

17Articles  Judgement on parchment: illuminating Theater in Besançon MS 579
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2016) - In: Gesta vol. 55 (2016) p. 49-78

18Articles  The Instrumental Cross and the Use of the Gospel Book Troyes, Bibliothèque Municipale MS 960
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2014) - In: Different visions vol. 4 (2014) p. [33 S.]

19Essay  Illuminierte Wandlung: Te igitur-Initialen und Kanonbilder.
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2013) - In: Trotz Natur und Augenschein p. 117-123

20Articles  Troyes, Bibliotheque municipale, 960. Approaches to Ninth-Tenth Century Breton Gospel Illumination
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2013) - In: Rivista di storia della miniatura vol. 17 (2013) p. 29-42

21Essay  The liturgical cross and the space of the Passion: the diptych of Angers M S 24
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2013) - In: Envisioning Christ on the cross. Ireland and the early Medieval west p. 141-159

22Essay  Recasting Hrabanus: Romanesque Praise for the Holy Cross
Kitzinger, Beatrice E.. (2013) - In: Romanesque and the past. Retrospection in the art and architecture of Romanesque Europe p. 221-242

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