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1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Kosto, Adam J.. (2016)

2Collection of Essays  Documentary culture and the laity in the early Middle Ages
Brown, Warren CurtisCostambeys, Marios J.Innes, Matthew J.Kosto, Adam J. [Publ.]. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2013)

3Monographie  Hostages in the Middle Ages
Kosto, Adam J.. - Oxford [u.a.] (2012)

4Monographie  Making agreements in medieval Catalonia: power, order, and the written word, 1000-1200
Kosto, Adam J.. - Cambridge (2007)

5Collection of Essays  The experience of power in medieval Europe 950-1350: Essays in Honor of Thomas N. Bisson
Berkhofer, Robert F.Cooper, AlanKosto, Adam J. [Publ.]. - Aldershot (2005)

6Collection of Essays  Charters, cartularies, and archives: the preservation and transmission of documents in the Medieval west ; proceedings of a colloquium of the Commission Internationale de Diplomatique (Princeton and New York, 16 - 18 September 1999)
Kosto, Adam J.Winroth, Anders [Publ.]. - Toronto (2002)

7Monographie  Making agreements in medieval Catalonia. Power, order, and the written word, 1000 - 1200
Kosto, Adam J.. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2001)

8Monographie  Making and keeping agreements in medieval Catalonia, 1000-1200
Kosto, Adam J.. - [Harvard University] (1996)

9Essay  Cultura documental a Catalunya i a Anglaterra, CA. 975-1050
Kosto, Adam J.. (2023) - In: Oliba de Vic, un bisbe de mil anys enrere p. 201-226

10Articles  Documentary culture in Catalonia and England, c.975-1050
Kosto, Adam J.. (2022) - In: Early medieval Europe vol. 30 (2022) p. 514-535

11Essay  Too Many Kings ? Iberia, 1050-1120
Kosto, Adam J.. (2018) - In: Coopétition. Rivaliser, coopérer dans les sociétés du haut Moyen Âge (500-1100) p. 371-382

12Articles  Was There Just One Petrus de Cardona?
Kosto, Adam J.. (2017) - In: Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte: Kanonistische Abteilung vol. 134 (2017) p. 146-177

13Essay  Aragon and the Catalan Counties Before the Union
Kosto, Adam J.. (2017) - In: The crown of Aragon. A singular Mediterranean empire p. 70-91

14Essay  Ignorance about the Traveler: Documenting Safe Conduct in the European Middle Ages
Kosto, Adam J.. (2016) - In: The dark side of knowledge. Histories of ignorance, 1400 to 1800 p. 269-295

15Articles  Statim invenire ante: finding aids and research tools in pre-scholastic legal and administrative manuscripts
Kosto, Adam J.. (2016) - In: Scriptorium vol. 70 (2016) p. 285-309

16Articles  The Elements of Practical Rulership: Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona and the Revolt of Mir Geribert
Kosto, Adam J.. (2016) - In: Viator vol. 47, 2 (2016) p. 67-94

17Articles  The transformation of hostageship in Late Antiquity
Kosto, Adam J.. (2013) - In: Antiquité tardive vol. 21 (2013) p. 265-282

18Essay  History and the historians of medieval Catalonia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
Kosto, Adam J.. (2013) - In: Writing a small nation's past. Wales in comparative perspective, 1850-1950 p. 253-265

19Essay  Sicut mos esse solet: documentary practices in Christian Iberia, c. 700-1000
Kosto, Adam J.. (2013) - In: Documentary culture and the laity in the early Middle Ages p. 259-282

20Essay  Reconquest, Renaissance, and the Histories of Iberia, ca. 1000-1200
Kosto, Adam J.. (2012) - In: European transformations. The long twelfth century p. 93-116

21Essay  What about Spain? Iberia in the Historiography of Medieval European Feudalism
Kosto, Adam J.. (2011) - In: Feudalism. New Landscapes of Debate p. 135-158

22Essay  Ideas of peace in medieval Catalonia: the world of the "Convenientiae" (11th-12th century)
Kosto, Adam J.. (2010) - In: Idees de pau a l'Edat Mitjana p. 137-160

23Articles  Les otages conditionnels en Languedoc et en Catalogne au XIe siècle
Kosto, Adam J.. (2006) - In: Annales du midi vol. 118 (2006) p. 387-404

24Articles  Laymen, Clerics, and Documentary Practices in the Early Middle Ages: The Example of Catalonia
Kosto, Adam J.. (2005) - In: Speculum vol. 80 (2005) p. 44-74

25Essay  Hostages and the Habit of Representation in Thirteenth-Century Occitania.
Kosto, Adam J.. (2005) - In: The experience of power in medieval Europe 950-1350 p. 183-193

26Essay  Reasons for Assembly in Catalonia and Aragon, 900-1200
Kosto, Adam J.. (2003) - In: Political assemblies in the earlier middle ages p. 133-150

27Articles  Hostages during the first century of the crusades
Kosto, Adam J.. (2003) - In: Medieval encounters vol. 9 (2003) p. 3-31

28Articles  Hostages in the Carolingian world (714-840)
Kosto, Adam J.. (2002) - In: Early medieval Europe vol. 11 (2002) p. 123-148

29Articles  The limited impact of the Usatges de Barcelona in twelfth-century Catalonia
Kosto, Adam J.. (2001) - In: Traditio vol. 56 (2001) p. 53-88

30Articles  The Liber feodorum maior of the counts of Barcelona: the cartulary as an expression of power
Kosto, Adam J.. (2001) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 27 (2001) p. 1-22

31Essay  Art. Amazons
Kosto, Adam J.. (2000) - In: Trade, travel, and exploration in the Middle Ages p. 17-18

32Articles  The convenientia in the Early Middle Ages
Kosto, Adam J.. (1998) - In: Mediaeval Studies vol. 60 (1998) p. 1-54

33Articles  The "convenientiae" of the catalan counts in the eleventh century: a diplomatic and historical analysis
Kosto, Adam J.. (1998) - In: Acta historica et archaeologica mediaevalia vol. 19 (1998) p. 191-228

34Articles  Making and keeping agreements in medieval Catalonia, 1000-1200
Kosto, Adam J.. (1996 - 1997) - In: Medievalia (Barcelona) vol. 13 (1996/97) p. 35-48

35Articles  Three typological approaches to Catalonian archival evidence, 10-12 centuries
Benito Monclús, PereKosto, Adam J.. (1996) - In: Anuario de estudios medievales vol. 26 (1996) p. 43-88

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