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1Monographie  Rethinking the great transition: community and economic growth in County Durham, 1349-1660
Larson, Peter L.. - Oxford (2022)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Larson, Peter L.. (2016)

3Monographie  Conflict and compromise in the late medieval countryside: lords and peasants in Durham, 1349 - 1400
Larson, Peter L.. - New York, NY [u.a.] (2006)

4Monographie  Conflict and compromise in the late medieval countryside: Lords and peasants in Durham, 1349-1430
Larson, Peter L.. - [Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick] (2004)

5Monographie  Lordship and township in Durham 1388-1406
Larson, Peter L.. - [University of Durham] (2000)

6Articles  Widow-right in Durham, England (1349-1660)
Larson, Peter L.. (2018) - In: Continuity and change vol. 33 (2018) p. 173-201

7Essay  Peasant Opportunities in Rural Durham: Land, Vills and Mills, 1400-1500
Larson, Peter L.. (2011) - In: Essays Richard Britnell p. 141-164

8Articles  Village Voice or Village Oligarchy?: The Jurors of the Durham Halmote Court, 1349 to 1424
Larson, Peter L.. (2010) - In: Law and history review vol. 28 (2010) p. 675-709

9Essay  Rural transformation in northern England: village communities of Durham, 1340-1400
Larson, Peter L.. (2008) - In: Agriculture and rural society after the Black Death p. 199-216

10Essay  Local Law Courts in Late Medieval Durham
Larson, Peter L.. (2005) - In: North-east England in the later Middle Ages p. 97-110

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