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1Essay  Toward a New Era: Patronage and Luxury Endowments to Mount Athos (Fourteenth to Mid-Sixteenth Centuries)
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions p. 341-368

2Essay  Post-Byzantine Inscriptions, Traditions and Legends: Authentic or Fabricated?
Stavrakos, ChristosLiakos, Dimitrios A.. (2022) - In: Studies in Byzantine epigraphy 1 p. 251-267

3Articles  New evidence regarding the early history of the Monastery of Vatopedi (Mt Athos): unpublished sigillographical material
Stavrakos, ChristosLiakos, Dimitrios A.. (2020) - In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift vol. 113 (2020) p. 175-188

4Essay  Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Athonitc Dedicatory Inscriptions in Historical and Archaeological Context
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2017) - In: Tekstove, nadpisi, obrazi p. 159-186

5Essay  Unpublished Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Inscriptions on Mt Athos
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2016) - In: Inscriptions in the Byzantine and post-byzantine history and history of art p. 279-320

6Articles  The Byzantine bell-tower in Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos (1427). The Sculpted decoration and its significance
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2015) - In: Jahrbuch der österreichischen Byzantinistik vol. 65 (2015) p. 153-168

7Articles  Observations in the Byzantine opus sectile Pavements in Athonite Churches
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2011) - In: Byzantina vol. 31 (2011) p. 107-146

8Articles  Steatite icon with the Deposition at the monastery of Iveron on Mount Athos
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2010) - In: Zograf vol. 34 (2010) p. 65-70

9Articles  The Byzantine opus sectile floor in the katholikon of Iveron monastery on Mount Athos
Liakos, Dimitrios A.. (2008) - In: Zograf vol. 32 (2008) p. 37-44

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