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1Essay  German prayer books ofthe late 15th and the early 16th century as a mirror of the spiritual world ofthat time
Logutova, Margarita. (2022) - In: Deutsche Kultur in russischen Buch- und Handschriftenbeständen p. 135-146

2Essay  Geert Grote's Choice of a Religious Lifestyle Without Vows
Logutova, Margarita. (2020) - In: Inwardness, individualization, and religious agency in the late medieval low countries p. 51-66

3Essay  German prayer books on paper and parchment. Similarity and variety in manuscripts at the Russian National Library (St Petersburg)
Logutova, Margarita. (2017) - In: Deutsch-russische Kulturbeziehungen in Mittelalter und Neuzeit (2017) p. 49-62

4Articles  De spiegel van de wereld van Herman Wolf; het handschrift en zijn inhoud
Logutova, Margarita. (2015) - In: Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Kerkgeschiedenis vol. 18 (2015) p. 13-21

5Essay  Intellectual life of the Middle Agesas it appears in scribes', owners' and readers' notes in German manuscripts at the National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg
Logutova, Margarita. (2012) - In: Deutsch-russische Arbeitsgespräche zu mittelalterlichen Handschriften p. 81-94

6Essay  Mittelniederdeutsche geistliche Prosa in Handschriften der Russischen Nationalbibliothek St. Petersburg
Bondarko, Nikolai A.Logutova, MargaritaLyakhovitskiy, Evgeny. (2012) - In: Manuscripta Germanica. Deutschsprachige Handschriften des Mittelalters p. 123-156

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