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1Essay  Adomnan's Vita Columbae and the early churches of Tiree
MacDonald, Aidan. (2010) - In: Adomnán of Iona. Theologian, lawmaker, peacemaker p. 219-236

2Essay  Seeking the Desert in Adomnan's Vita Columbae
MacDonald, Aidan. (2010) - In: Studies Jennifer O'Reilly p. 191-203

3Essay  The papar and some problems: a brief review
MacDonald, Aidan. (2002) - In: The papar in the North Atlantic. Environment and history p. 13-29

4Essay  Aspects of the monastic landscape in Adomnán's Life of Columba
MacDonald, Aidan. (2001) - In: Studies in Irish Hagiography. Saints and Scholars p. 15-30

5Articles  "Reiclš" in the Irish annals to AD 1200
MacDonald, Aidan. (1999) - In: Peritia vol. 13 (1999) p. 259-275

6Essay  Adomnan's monastery of Iona
MacDonald, Aidan. (1997) - In: Studies in the Cult of Saint Columba p. 24-44

7Essay  Major early monasteries: some procedural problems for field archaeologists
MacDonald, Aidan. (1984) - In: Studies Stewart Cruden p. 69-86

8Articles  The church names in Adamnán's life of Columba
MacDonald, Aidan. (1984) - In: Nomina. Journal of the Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland vol. 8 (1984) p. 83-84

9Essay  Notes on monastic archaeology and the Annals of Ulster, 650-1050
MacDonald, Aidan. (1981) - In: Essays M. J. O'Kelly p. 304-319

10Articles  On "Papar" names in N. and W. Scotland
MacDonald, Aidan. (1977) - In: Northern Studies vol. 9 (1977) p. 25-30

11Articles  "Annat" in Scotland: a provisional review
MacDonald, Aidan. (1973) - In: Scottish studies vol. 17 (1973) p. 135-146

12Articles  Two major early monasteries of Scottish Dalriata: Lismore and Eigg
MacDonald, Aidan. (1973) - In: Scottish Archaeological Forum vol. 5 (1973) p. 47-70

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