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1Monographie  Border bloodshed: Scotland and England at war, 1369-1403
MacDonald, Alastair J.. - East Linton, East Lothian (2000)

2Monographie  Crossing the border: a study of the Scottish military offensives against England, c.1369-c.1403
MacDonald, Alastair J.. - [University of Aberdeen] (1995)

3Essay  Henry V and the Scots: A Study in Failure
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2022) - In: Essays Alexander Grant p. 50-75

4Essay  Good King Robert's Testament?: Guerrilla Warfare in Later Medieval Scotland
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2017) - In: Unconventional warfare from antiquity to the present day p. 197-217

5Essay  Two Kinds of War? Brutality and Atrocity in Later Medieval Scotland
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2017) - In: Killing and being killed. Bodies in battle p. 199-230

6Essay  Triumph and Disaster: Scottish Military Leadership in the Later Middle Ages
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2012) - In: England and Scotland at war, c. 1296-c. 1513 p. 255-282

7Essay  The Kingdom of Scotland at War, 1332-1488
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2012) - In: A Military History of Scotland p. 158-181

8Essay  Kings of the wild frontier? The earls of Dunbar or March, c. 1070-1435
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2003) - In: The exercise of power in medieval Scotland p. 139-158

9Essay  Profit, politics and personality: war and the later medieval Scottish nobility
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2000) - In: Essays Grant G. Simpson p. 118-130

10Articles  The apogee of the "Auld Alliance" and the limits of policy, 1369-1402
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2000) - In: Northern Scotland vol. 20 (2000) p. 31-46

11Essay  Approaches to conflict in the Anglo-Scottish borders in the late fourteenth century
MacDonald, Alastair J.. (2000) - In: Ships, guns, and Bibles in the North Sea and Baltic States, c. 1350-c. 1700 p. 47-64

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