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1Monographie  Heilige Pracht: die schönsten Bibeln des Mittelalters
McKendrick, Scot. - Darmstadt (2017)

2Monographie  L'arte nella Bibbia. Manoscritti miniati del Medioevo
McKendrick, ScotDoyle, Kathleen. - Torino (2016)

3Monographie  The art of the bible: illuminated manuscripts from the Medieval world
McKendrick, ScotDoyle, Kathleen. - London (2016)

4Collection of Essays  Codex Sinaiticus: new perspectives on the ancient biblical manuscript
McKendrick, ScotParker, D.Myshrall, AmyO'Hogan, Cillian [Publ.]. - London (2015)

5Collection of Essays  A Thousand Years of Royal Books and Manuscripts
Doyle, KathleenMcKendrick, Scot [Publ.]. - London (2013)

6Monographie  Royal illuminated manuscripts: from King Athelstan to Henry VIII. [On the occasion of the exhibition at the British Library "Royal manuscripts: The genius of illumination", 11 November 2011 - 13 March 2012]
McKendrick, ScotDoyle, Kathleen. - London (2011)

7Monographie  Bible manuscripts: 1400 years of scribes and scripture
McKendrick, Scot. - London (2007)

8Collection of Essays  The Bible as book: the transmission of the Greek text
McKendrick, ScotO'Sullivan, Orlaith [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2003)

9Monographie  Flemish illuminated manuscripts: 1400 - 1550
McKendrick, Scot. - London (2003)

10Collection of Essays  Illuminating the Book. Makers and Interpreters. Essays in Honour of Janet Backhouse
Brown, Michelle P.McKendrick, Scot [Publ.]. - London (1998)

11Monographie  The History of Alexander the Great: An Illuminated Manuscript of Vasco da Lucena's French Translation of the Ancient Text by Quintus Curtius Rufus
McKendrick, Scot. - Los Angeles (1996)

12Monographie  Classical mythology and ancient history in works of art at the courts of France, Burgundy and England (1364-1500)
McKendrick, Scot. - [University of London] (1988)

13Essay  Vicarious entertainment for the mature aristocrat and bibliophile Louis of Gruuthuse (Houghton Library MSS Typ 129 and 130)
McKendrick, Scot. (2021) - In: Beyond Words. Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections p. 115-136

14Essay  French Literary Culture in the Burgundian Netherlands
McKendrick, ScotKesel, Lieve De. (2018) - In: Colard Mansion. Incunabula, prints and manuscripts in medieval Bruges p. 139-162

15Essay  World History and Encyclopedic Works
McKendrick, Scot. (2018) - In: Splendour of the Burgundian Netherlands p. 160-171

16Essay  Edifying Reading
McKendrick, Scot. (2018) - In: Splendour of the Burgundian Netherlands p. 180-191

17Essay  Stichtelijke lectuur
McKendrick, Scot. (2018) - In: Zuid-Nederlandse miniatuurkunst. De mooiste verluchte handschriften in Nederlands bezit p. 180-191

18Essay  Wereldgeschiedenis en encyclopedische werken
McKendrick, Scot. (2018) - In: Zuid-Nederlandse miniatuurkunst. De mooiste verluchte handschriften in Nederlands bezit p. 160-171

19Essay  Charles the Bold and the Romuleon: Reception. Loss and Influence
McKendrick, Scot. (2012) - In: Kunst und Kulturtransfer zur Zeit Karls des Kühnen p. 59-84

20Articles  I gioielli di sua maestà: a Londra i manoscritti della corona britannica.
McKendrick, Scot. (2012) - In: Alumina. Pagine miniate vol. 10, 36 (2012) p. 30-37

21Essay  The Codex Sinaiticus Project: 1. The book and the project
McKendrick, ScotGarcés, Juan. (2008) - In: Care and conservation of manuscripts 10 p. 148-152

22Essay  The earliest reproduction of the 'Crucifixion of the parlement de Paris'?
McKendrick, Scot. (2007) - In: FS Eberhard König p. 176-182

23Essay  Dismembered, but not destroyed ; an early Horae from Northern Italy now partly preserved in the British Library
McKendrick, Scot. (2007) - In: Mélanges François Avril p. 192-202

24Essay  Between Flanders and Normandy: Collaboration Among Miniaturists or a Case of Influence?
McKendrick, Scot. (2007) - In: Under the influence. the concept of influence and the study of illuminated manuscripts p. 139-150

25Essay  The Illustrated Manuscripts of Vasco da Lucena's Translation of Curtius's Historiae Alexandri Magni: Nature Corrupted by Fortune?
McKendrick, Scot. (1996) - In: Medieval manuscripts of the Latin classics. Production and use p. 131-149

26Essay  Tapestries from the Low Countries in England during the fifteenth Century
McKendrick, Scot. (1995) - In: England and the Low Countries in the late Middle Ages p. 43-60

27Essay  The Romuléon and the Manuscripts of Edward IV
McKendrick, Scot. (1994) - In: England in the fifteenth century (1994) p. 149-169

28Essay  Lodewijk van Gruuthuse en de librije van Edward IV
McKendrick, Scot. (1992) - In: Lodewijk van Gruuthuse. Mecenas en europees diplomaat (ca. 1427-1492) p. 153-160

29Articles  The "Great history of Troy": a reassessment of the development of a secular theme in late medieval art
McKendrick, Scot. (1991) - In: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes vol. 54 (1991) p. 43-82

30Articles  La Grande Histoire Cesar and the manuscripts of Edward IV
McKendrick, Scot. (1990) - In: English manuscript studies 1100-1700 vol. 2 (1990) p. 109-138

31Articles  Edward IV: an English royal collector of Netherlandish tapestry
McKendrick, Scot. (1987) - In: The Burlington magazine vol. 129 (1987) p. 521-524

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