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1Monographie  Woven into the Urban Fabric: Cloth Manufacture and Economic Development in the Flemish West-Quarter (1300-1600)
Meulen, Jim van der. - Turnhout (2022)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Meulen, Jim van der. (2016)

3Essay  Marginal Might? The Role of Lordships in the Territorial Integrity of Guelders, c. 1325-c. 1575
Meulen, Jim van der. (2022) - In: Constructing and representing territory in late medieval and early modern Europe p. 117-138

4Articles  Select Seigneurial governance and the state in late medieval Guelders (14th-16th century)
Meulen, Jim van der. (2021) - In: Continuity and change vol. 36 (2021) p. 33-59

5Essay  Get Rich and Try Dyeing: Cloth Production and Social Inequality in Town and Countryside (Sixteenth Century)
Meulen, Jim van der. (2020) - In: Inequality and the city in the Low Countries p. 45-62

6Articles  Grillige landschappen, grillige heerschappen. De veranderlijke natuur en de ruimtelijkcafbakening van heerlijkheden in het Gelderse rivierengebied (15e en 16e euw)
Meulen, Jim van der. (2020) - In: Gelre vol. 111 (2020) p. 125-146

7Articles  Building social power in the medieval Netherlands
Meulen, Jim van der. (2019) - In: Virtus. Bulletin van de Werkgroep Adelsgeschiedenis vol. 26 (2019) p. 185-188

8Articles  Corporate collective action and the market cycle of the cloth industry in Nieuwkerke, Flanders, 1300-1600
Meulen, Jim van der. (2018) - In: Social history vol. 43 (2018) p. 375-399

9Articles  Vassalage and Authority. The Knightly Estate of Fourteenth-Century Brabant
Meulen, Jim van der. (2016) - In: The Medieval Low Countries. An Annual Review vol. 3 (2016) p. 61-96

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