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1Monographie  Medieval Arms and Armour: The Fourteenth Century
Moffat, Ralph. - Woodbridge (2022)

2Monographie  The Medieval Tournament: Chivalry, Heraldry and Reality. An Edition and Analysis of Three Fifteenth-Century Tournament Manuscripts
Moffat, Ralph. - [University of Leeds] (2010)

3Articles  Schynbalds in The Awntyrs off Arthure (l. 395): Two Notes
Green, Richard FirthMoffat, Ralph. (2020) - In: Notes and queries vol. 67 (2020) p. 185-190

4Essay  Alle myn harneys for the justes: Documents as a Source for Medieval Jousting Armour
Moffat, Ralph. (2020) - In: The medieval tournament as spectacle. Tourneys, jousts and pas d'armes, 1100-1600 p. 77-98

5Essay  Arms and Armour
Moffat, Ralph. (2019) - In: A companion to chivalry p. 159-186

6Essay  'Armed and redy to come to the felde': Arming for the Judicial Duel in Fifteenth-Century England
Moffat, Ralph. (2018) - In: Courts of Chivalry and Admiralty in Late Medieval Europe p. 121-134

7Articles  "A hard harnest man". The armour of George Dunbar, 9th earl of March
Moffat, Ralph. (2015) - In: Transactions of the East Lothian Antiquarian and Field Naturalists' Society vol. 30 (2015) p. 21-37

8Essay  The Importance of Being Harnest: Armour, Heraldry and Recognition in the Mêlée
Moffat, Ralph. (2014) - In: Battle and bloodshed. The medieval world at war p. 5-24

9Articles  The Manner of Arming Knights for the Tourney: A Re-Interpretation of an Important Early 14th-Century Arming Treatise
Moffat, Ralph. (2010) - In: Arms and armour vol. 7 (2010) p. 5-30

10Articles  The use of Baleen for Arms, Armour and Heraldic Crests in Medieval Britain
Moffat, RalphSpriggs, James A.O'Connor, Sonia. (2008) - In: The antiquaries journal vol. 88 (2008) p. 207-215

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