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1Collection of Essays  Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections
Hamburger, Jeffrey F.Davis, Lisa FaginEze, Anne-MarieNetzer, NancyStoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Toronto (2021)

2Collection of Essays  Beyond words: new research on manuscripts in Boston collections
Hamburger, Jeffrey F.Davis, Lisa FaginEze, Anne-MarieNetzer, NancyStoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Toronto (2021)

3Collection of Essays  Secular sacred: 11th - 16th century ; works from the Boston Public Library and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ; [published in conjuction with an exhibition of the same title at the McMullen Museum of Art from February 19 to June 4, 2006]
Netzer, Nancy [Publ.]. - Chestnut Hill (2006)

4Collection of Essays  Fragmented devotion: medieval objects from the Schnütgen Museum, Cologne
Netzer, NancyReinburg, Virginia [Publ.]. - Chestnut Hill, Mass. [u.a.] (2000)

5Collection of Essays  Memory and the Middle Ages
Netzer, NancyReinburg, Virginia [Publ.]. - Boston, Mass. (1995)

6Monographie  Cultural interplay in the eighth century. The Trier Gospels and the making of a scriptorium at Echternach
Netzer, Nancy. - Cambridge (1994)

7Collection of Essays  Catalogue of Medieval Objects in the Museum of Fine Arts, II, Metalwork
Netzer, Nancy [Publ.]. - Boston, Mass. (1991)

8Collection of Essays  Catalogue of Medieval Objects in the Museum of Fine Arts, I, Enamels and Glass
Swarzenski, HannsNetzer, Nancy [Publ.]. - Boston, Mass. (1986)

9Essay  The Book of Durrow and the Lindisfarne Gospels
Netzer, Nancy. (2017) - In: The Lindisfarne Gospels. New perspectives p. 166-182

10Essay  New Finds Versus the Beginning of the Narrative on Insular Gospel Books
Netzer, Nancy. (2011) - In: Insular and Anglo-Saxon art and thought in the early medieval period p. 3-13

11Essay  Secular and Sacred Objects from the Middle Ages: Illuminating the History of Classification
Netzer, Nancy. (2006) - In: Secular sacred 11th - 16th century p. 11-18

12Essay  Art/full ground: unearthing national identity and an early medieval "golden age"
Netzer, Nancy. (2003) - In: Éire-land p. 49-56

13Essay  Style: a history of uses and abuses in the study of Insular art
Netzer, Nancy. (2001) - In: Pattern and purpose in insular art p. 169-177

14Essay  Collecting, re/collecting, contextualizing and recontextualizing: devotion to fragments of the Middle Ages
Netzer, Nancy. (2000) - In: Fragmented devotion. Medieval objects from the Schnütgen Museum, Cologne p. 17-30

15Essay  Die Arbeitsmethoden der insularen Skriptorien. Zwei Fallstudien: Lindisfarne und Echternach
Netzer, Nancy. (1999) - In: Die Abtei Echternach 698-1998 p. 65-83

16Essay  The Book of Durrow: the Northumbrian connection
Netzer, Nancy. (1999) - In: Northumbria's Golden Age p. 315-326

17Essay  Cultural amalgamation in the decoration of the Stuttgart Merovingian Psalter
Netzer, Nancy. (1995) - In: From the Isles of the North. Early Medieval Art in Ireland and Britain p. 119-125

18Essay  Modes of Remembering the Classical Past
Netzer, Nancy. (1995) - In: Memory and the Middle Ages p. 7-16

19Essay  The origin of the beast canon tables reconsidered
Netzer, Nancy. (1994) - In: The Book of Kells p. 322-332

20Essay  Observations on the influence of Northumbrian art on continental manuscripts of the 8th century
Netzer, Nancy. (1993) - In: The Age of Migrating Ideas. Early Medieval Art in Northern Britain and Ireland p. 45-51

21Essay  The early scriptorium at Echternach: the state of the question
Netzer, Nancy. (1989) - In: Willibrord. Apostel der Niederlande, Gründer der Abtei Echternach p. 127-134

22Essay  Willibrord's scriptorium at Echternach and its relationship to Ireland and Lindisfarne
Netzer, Nancy. (1989) - In: St. Cuthbert, his cult and his community to AD 1200 p. 203-212

23Articles  Redating the consular ivory of Orestes
Netzer, Nancy. (1983) - In: The Burlington magazine vol. 125 (1983) p. 265-271

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