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1Monographie  Rome and Lund, 1178-1274: A study in the church history of a medieval fringe
Perron, Anthony. - [University of Chicago] (2002)

2Essay  Local Knowledge of Canon Law, c. 1150-1250
Perron, Anthony. (2022) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law p. 285-298

3Essay  Grave Concerns: Law, Miracles, and the Cemetery, 1100-1300
Perron, Anthony. (2018) - In: The Fourth Lateran Council and the development of canon law and the 'ius commune' p. 205-219

4Essay  The Medieval Cemetery as Ecclesiastical Community: Regulation, Conflict, and Expulsion, 1000-1215
Perron, Anthony. (2017) - In: Dealing with the dead. Mortality and community in medieval and early modern Europe p. 253-273

5Essay  Saxo Grammaticus's Heroic Chastity: A Model of Clerical Celibacy and Masculinity in Medieval Scandinavia
Perron, Anthony. (2010) - In: Negotiating clerical identities. Priests, monks and masculinity in the Middle Ages p. 113-135

6Essay  The bishops of Rome, 1100-1300
Perron, Anthony. (2009) - In: Christianity in Western Europe c.1100-c.1500 p. 22-38

7Articles  The Face of the "Pagan": Portraits of Religious Deviance on the Medieval Periphery
Perron, Anthony. (2009) - In: The journal of the Historical Society (Boston) vol. 9 (2009) p. 467-492

8Essay  lus metropoliticum on the Norwegian periphery from Nicholas Breakspear to William of Sabina
Perron, Anthony. (2006) - In: Frontiers in the middle ages. Proceedings p. 237-258

9Essay  Fugitives from the Cloister: law and order in William of Æbelholt's Denmark
Perron, Anthony. (2006) - In: Law and learning in the middle ages. Proceedings p. 123-136

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