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1Monographie  A Material History of the Bible, England 1200-1553
Poleg, Eyal. - Oxford (2020)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Poleg, Eyal. (2016)

3Collection of Essays  Form and function in the late medieval Bible
Poleg, EyalLight, Laura [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2013)

4Monographie  Approaching the Bible in medieval England
Poleg, Eyal. - Manchester [u.a.] (2013)

5Monographie  Meditations of the Bible in late medieval England
Poleg, Eyal. - [University of London] (2008)

6Essay  Memory, Performance, and Change: The Psalms' Layout in Late Medieval and Early Modern Bibles
Poleg, Eyal. (2020) - In: From scrolls to scrolling. Sacred texts, materiality, and dynamic media cultures p. 119-152

7Essay  Epilogue
Poleg, Eyal. (2019) - In: Clothing sacred scriptures. Book art and book religion in Christian, Islamic and Jewish cultures p. 297-300

8Articles  Inanimate Conversion
Poleg, Eyal. (2018) - In: Material religion vol. 14 (2018) p. 485-499

9Essay  The Bible in Medieval Scotland: reassessing the manuscript evidence.
Poleg, Eyal. (2015) - In: Comment le livre s'est fait livre p. 231-246

10Articles  The earliest evidence for anti-Lollard polemics in medieval Scotland
Poleg, Eyal. (2013) - In: The Innes Review vol. 64 (2013) p. 227-234

11Essay  Introduction
Poleg, EyalLight, Laura. (2013) - In: Form and function in the late medieval Bible p. 1-8

12Essay  Wycliffite Bibles as Orthodoxy
Poleg, Eyal. (2013) - In: Cultures of religious reading in the Late Middle Ages p. 71-91

13Essay  The Interpretations of Hebrew Names in Theory and Practice
Poleg, Eyal. (2013) - In: Form and function in the late medieval Bible p. 217-236

14Articles  Old Light on New Media: Medieval Practices in the Digital Age
Kiss, Farkas GáborPoleg, EyalDoležalová, LucieWójcik, Rafal. (2013) - In: Digital philology vol. 2 (2013) p. 16-34

15Essay  'A Ladder Set Up on Earth": The Bible in Medieval Sermons
Poleg, Eyal. (2011) - In: The practice of the Bible in the Middle Ages p. 205-227

16Articles  On the Books of Maccabees: an unpublished poem by Geoffrey, prior of the "Templum Domini"
Poleg, Eyal. (2010) - In: Crusades vol. 9 (2010) p. 13-56

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