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1Collection of Essays  The dynamics of the medieval manuscript: text collections from a european perspective
Morcos, Hannah [Ed.]. Pratt, KarenBesamusca, BartMeyer, MatthiasPutter, Ad [Publ.]. - Göttingen (2017)

2Collection of Essays  The Arthur of the French: the Arthurian legend in medieval French and Occitan literature
Burgess, Glyn SheridanPratt, Karen [Publ.]. - Cardiff (2006)

3Collection of Essays  Reading around the epic: a Festschrift in honour of Professor Wolfgang van Emden
Ailes, Marianne J.Bennett, Philip E.Pratt, Karen [Publ.]. - London (1998)

4Collection of Essays  Roland and Charlemagne in Europe: Essays on the Reception and Transformation of a Legend
Pratt, Karen [Publ.]. - London (1996)

5Collection of Essays  Shifts and Transpositions in Medieval Narrative: A Festschrift for Dr Elspeth Kennedy
Pratt, KarenWogan-Browne, Jocelyn [Publ.]. - Cambridge (1994)

6Monographie  Meister Otte's Eraclius as an adaptation of Eracle by Gautier d'Arras
Pratt, Karen. - Göppingen (1987)

7Essay  The dynamics of the european short narrative in its manuscript context: the case of Pyramus and Thisbe
Pratt, Karen. (2017) - In: The dynamics of the medieval manuscript p. 257-285

8Essay  Textual Clusters in Manuscript Transmission and Reception: The Lai de l'ombre and its Co-Texts
Pratt, Karen. (2017) - In: Studies Glyn S. Burgess p. ??

9Essay  Transtextual Relations and Beranger au long cul, or What do we Mean by Parody?
Pratt, Karen. (2016) - In: Parodies courtoises, parodies de la courtoisie p. 329-342

10Essay  Arthurian Material in a Late-Medieval French Miscellany: Poitiers, Bibliothèque Municipale, ms. 215
Pratt, Karen. (2011) - In: Essays Keith Busby p. 369-388

11Essay  The Rhetoric of Love in the Romances of Gautier d'Arras
Pratt, Karen. (2008) - In: Words of love and love of words in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance p. 255-273

12Essay  The Genre of Gautier d'Arras' Eracle: A twelfth-century French 'History' of a Byzantine Emperor
Pratt, Karen. (2008) - In: Essays Peter S. Noble p. 169-190

13Essay  De Vetula: the Figure of the Old Woman in Old French Literature
Pratt, Karen. (2007) - In: Old age in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance p. 321-342

14Essay  Les cisterciens et la Queste del Saint Graal
Pratt, Karen. (2005) - In: Les chemins de la Queste p. 89-112

15Essay  Humour in the Roman de Silence.
Pratt, Karen. (2003) - In: Busby, Dalrymple, Arthurian Literature XIX p. 87-103

16Articles  Humour in the "Roman de silence"
Pratt, Karen. (2003) - In: Arthurian literature vol. 19 (2003) p. 87-103

17Essay  The strains of defense: the many voices of Jean Lefèvre's "Livre de leesce "
Pratt, Karen. (2002) - In: Gender in debate from the early middle ages to the renaissance p. 113-133

18Articles  Translating misogamy: the authority of the intertext in the Lamentationes Matheoluli and its Middle French translation by Jean Le Fèvre
Pratt, Karen. (1999) - In: Forum for modern language studies vol. 35 (1999) p. 421-435

19Essay  Reading epic through romance: the "Roland" and the "Roman de Thèbes"
Pratt, Karen. (1998) - In: FS Wolfgang van Emden p. 101-128

20Essay  The image of the queen in Old French literature
Pratt, Karen. (1997) - In: Queens and Queenship in Medieval Europe p. 235-259

21Essay  A fragment of an unknown Roland epic
Middleton, RogerPratt, Karen. (1996) - In: Roland and Charlemagne in Europe p. 205-213

22Articles  The Cistercians and the Queste del Saint Graal
Pratt, Karen. (1995) - In: Reading medieval studies vol. 21 (1995) p. 69-96

23Essay  Bibliography of the writings of Elspeth Kennedy
Pratt, Karenu.a.. (1994) - In: FS Elspeth Kennedy p. xi-xii

24Essay  Analogy or logic; authority or experience? Rhetorical strategies for and against women
Pratt, Karen. (1994) - In: Literary Aspects of Courtly Culture p. 57-66

25Essay  Adapting Enide: Chrétien, Hartmann, and the female reader
Pratt, Karen. (1993) - In: Chrétien de Troyes and the German Middle Ages p. 67-84

26Essay  Medieval attitudes to translation and adaptation: the rhetorical theory and the poetic practice.
Pratt, Karen. (1991) - In: The Medieval Translator 2 p. 1-27

27Articles  Aristotle, Augustine or Boethius?: La Mort le Roi Artu as tragedy
Pratt, Karen. (1991) - In: Nottingham French studies vol. 30, 2 (1991) p. 81-109

28Essay  The rhetoric of adaptation: the Middle Dutch and Middle High German versions of Floire et Blancheflor
Pratt, Karen. (1990) - In: Courtly Literature - Culture and Context p. 483-497

29Essay  Direct speech - a key to the German adaptor's art?
Pratt, Karen. (1989) - In: Medieval Translators and their Craft p. 213-246

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