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1Monographie  The King embodies the world: Robert d'Anjou and the politics of preaching
Pryds, Darleen N.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2000)

2Collection of Essays  Models of holiness in medieval sermons: Proceedings of the International Symposium (Kalamazoo, 4-7 May 1995)
Kienzle, Beverly MayneWilks Dolnikowski, EdithDrage Hale, RosemaryPryds, Darleen N.Thayer, Anne T. [Publ.]. - Louvain-la-Neuve (1996)

3Monographie  The politics of preaching in fourteenth-century Naples: Robert d'Anjou (1309-1343) and his sermons
Pryds, Darleen N.. - [University of Wisconsin - Madison] (1994)

4Articles  "Conforming himself to the poor" Laity as Co-Creators of the Franciscan Tradition
Pryds, Darleen N.. (2019) - In: Franciscan Studies vol. 77 (2019) p. 31-51

5Essay  Franciscan Lay Women and the Charism to Preach
Pryds, Darleen N.. (2012) - In: Franciscans and preaching. Every miracle p. 41-58

6Articles  Following Francis: laywomen and the scandalous call to be Franciscan
Pryds, Darleen N.. (2006) - In: Listening. Journal of religion and culture vol. 41 (2006) p. 85-95

7Essay  "Studia" as Royal Offices: Mediterranean Universities of Medieval Europe.
Pryds, Darleen N.. (2000) - In: Universities and schooling in medieval society p. 83-99

8Essay  Proclaiming sanctity through proscribed acts: the case of Rose of Viterbo
Pryds, Darleen N.. (1998) - In: Women Preachers and Prophets through Two Millennia of Christianity p. 159-172

9Essay  Court as studium: royal venues for academic preaching
Pryds, Darleen N.. (1998) - In: Medieval sermons and society p. 343-356

10Essay  Clarisses, Franciscans, and the House of Anjou: Temporal and Spiritual Partnership in Early Fourteenth-century Naples
Pryds, Darleen N.. (1996) - In: Clare of Assisi a medieval and modern woman p. 99-114

11Essay  Monarchs, lawyers, and saints: juridical preaching on holiness
Pryds, Darleen N.. (1996) - In: Models of holiness in medieval sermons p. 141-156

12Essay  Rex praedicans: Robert d'Anjou and the politics of preaching
Pryds, Darleen N.. (1993) - In: De l'homélie au sermon p. 239-262

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