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1Collection of Essays  Relations and Runes: The Baltic Islands and Their Interactions During the Late Iron Age and Early Middle Ages
Kitzler Åhfeldt, LailaHedenstierna-Jonson, CharlotteWiderström, PerRaffield, Ben [Publ.]. - Visby (2020)

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Raffield, Ben. (2016)

3Essay  Slavery in Viking Age Scandinavia: a Review of the Archaeological Evidence
Raffield, BenGardela, LeszekToplak, Matthias S.. (2021) - In: Viking-Age slavery p. 7-58

4Essay  No one is an island: in-group identities in the Viking Age Baltic
Raffield, Ben. (2020) - In: Relations and Runes. The Baltic Islands and Their Interactions p. 31-40

5Articles  The Danelaw Reconsidered: Colonization and Conflict in Viking-Age England
Raffield, Ben. (2020) - In: Viking and medieval Scandinavia vol. 16 (2020) p. 181-220

6Articles  Polygyny, Concubinage, and the Social Lives of Women in Viking-Age Scandinavia
Raffield, BenPrice, Neil S.Collard, Mark. (2017) - In: Viking and medieval Scandinavia vol. 13 (2017) p. 165-210

7Articles  Ingroup identification, identity fusion and the formation of Viking war bands
Raffield, Ben. (2016) - In: World archaeology vol. 48 (2016) p. 35-50

8Articles  Bands of brothers: a re-appraisal of the Viking Great Army and its implications for the Scandinavian colonization of England
Raffield, Ben. (2016) - In: Early medieval Europe vol. 24 (2016) p. 308-337

9Articles  'A River of Knives and Swords': Ritually Deposited Weapons in English Watercourses and Wetlands During the Viking Age
Raffield, Ben. (2014) - In: European journal of archaeology vol. 17 (2014) p. 634-655

10Articles  Antiquarians, Archaeologists, and Viking Fortifications
Raffield, Ben. (2013) - In: Journal of the North Atlantic vol. 20 (2013) p. 1-29

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