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1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2016)

2Collection of Essays  Inn i fortida - ut i verden - i museet!
Risvaag, Jon AndersBerge, RagnhildBrattli, Terje [Publ.]. - Trondheim (2015)

3Monographie  Mynt og by: myntens rolle i Trondheim by i perioden ca. 1000-1630, belyst gjennom myntfunn og utmynting
Risvaag, Jon Anders. - Trondheim (2006)

4Essay  Coin finds of Høre stave church, Oppland Norway: Reflections of regulation and conflict in the Middle Ages
Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2021) - In: Coins in churches. Archaeology, money and religious devotion in medieval Northern Europe p. 143-168

5Articles  The Brabant-style gros of Dendermonde: counterfeit or official issue?
Benders, JosWijgård Randerz, Ellen L.Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2017) - In: Jaarboek voor munt- en penningkunde vol. 104 (2017) p. 25-29

6Articles  En ny norsk erkebispemynt
Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2015) - In: Nordisk Numismatisk Unions medlemsblad , 3 (2015) p. 82-83

7Essay  Early Medieval Coinage and Urban Development: A Norwegian Experience
Risvaag, Jon AndersChristophersen, A.. (2004) - In: Land, sea and home. Proceedings p. 75-92

8Essay  Mints in Scandinavia: the case of Trondheim
Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2001) - In: I luoghi della moneta p. 131-140

9Articles  To middeladermynter fra Statens Hus tomt i Trondheim
Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2000) - In: Nordisk Numismatisk Unions medlemsblad , 1 (2000) p. 6-9

10Articles  Ikke-kongelig utmyntning i Norge frem til reformasjonen
Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2000) - In: Nordisk numismatisk årsskrift (1994/96) p. 130-161

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