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1Monographie  English identity and political culture in the fourteenth century
Ruddick, Andrea C.. - Cambridge (2013)

2Monographie  National sentiment and national identity in England, c.1272 - c.1377.
Ruddick, Andrea C.. - [University of Cambridge] (2005)

3Essay  Identity
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2022) - In: Using Concepts in Medieval History p. 107-124

4Articles  "Becoming English": Nationality, Terminology, and Changing Sides in the Late Middle Ages
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2017) - In: Medieval worlds vol. 5 (2017) p. 57-69

5Essay  Immigrants and Intermarriage in Late Medieval England
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2017) - In: Resident aliens in later Medieval England p. 181-199

6Essay  Local Politics and Ecclesiastical Patronage in Gentry Letters
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2015) - In: FS Christine Carpenter p. 93-112

7Articles  National sentiment and religious vocabulary in fourteenth-century England
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2009) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History vol. 60 (2009) p. 1-18

8Essay  Gascony and the Limits of Medieval British Isles History
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2009) - In: Essays Robin Frame p. 68-88

9Essay  National and Political Identity in Anglo-Scottish Relations, c.1286-1377: A Governmental Perspective
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2007) - In: England and Scotland in the fourteenth century. New perspectives p. 196-215

10Essay  Ethnic Identity and Political Language in the King of England's Dominions: a Fourteenth-Century Perspective
Ruddick, Andrea C.. (2006) - In: The fifteenth century 6. Identity and insurgency in the late Middle Ages p. 15-32

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