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1Monographie  Violence and belief in late antiquity: militant devotion in Christianity and Islam
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. - Philadelphia, Pa. (2009)

2Monographie  Monks, martyrs and mujahidun: Militant piety in Late Antiquity and early Islam
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. - [University of California, Santa Barbara] (2005)

3Essay  Mind the Gap: Accidental Conversion and the Hagiographic Imaginary in the First Centuries A.H.
Kelly, ChristopherSizgorich, Thomas N.. (2015) - In: Conversion in late antiquity. Christianity, Islam, and beyond p. 163-174

4Essay  "Your Brothers, the Romans": Early Islamic History as a Turn of the Classical Page in Early Muslim Thought and Literature
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. (2010) - In: The rhetoric of power in late antiquity. Religion and politics in Byzantium p. 101-124

5Essay  'Become infidels or we will throw you into the fire': The Martyrs of Najran in Early Muslim Historiography, Hagiography, and Qur'anic Exegesis
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. (2009) - In: Writing "True stories". Historians and hagiographers in the Late-Antique and medieval Near East p. 125-147

6Articles  "Not easily were stones joined by the strongest bonds pulled asunder": religious violence and imperial order in the later Roman world
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. (2007) - In: Journal of early Christian studies vol. 15 (2007) p. 75-101

7Essay  Reasoned Violence and Shifty Frontiers: Shared Victory in the Late Roman East
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. (2006) - In: Violence in Late Antiquity p. 165-176

8Articles  Narrative and Community in Islamic Late Antiquity
Sizgorich, Thomas N.. (2004) - In: Past and Present vol. 185 (2004) p. 9-42

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