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1Articles  The Exploitation of Animal Resources During the Early Medieval Period. Case Study: The Settlements in Popeni Pe Pogor and Cuceu Valea Bochii (Salaj County)
Stanc, Margareta SiminaMalaxa, DanielBacuet-Crisan, Dan. (2020) - In: Ziridava vol. 34 (2020) p. 431-438

2Articles  Noi cercetari arheologice preventive la Cetatea Enisala. Date arheologice si arheozoologice [New rescue archaeological excavation at Enisala Fortress. Archaeological and zooarchaeological data]
Stanc, Margareta SiminaStanica, Aurel. (2019) - In: Peuce vol. 17 (2019) p. 249-274

3Essay  Cooking ware and dietary reconstruction from two north Scythian sites. Aegyssus and Enisala Pestera
Nuçu, GeorgeStanc, Margareta Simina. (2017) - In: Late Roman coarse wares, cooking wares and amphorae in the Mediterranean 5 Pt. 2 p. 613-628

4Articles  Consideratii privind importanta porcului domestic (Sus domesticus) în economia alimentara a Moldovei medievale.
Bejenaru, LuminitaBacumenco-Pirnau, LudmilaStanc, Margareta Simina. (2014) - In: Revista arheologica Ser. NS, vol. 10 (2014) p. 265-283

5Articles  Exploatarea resurselor animale în asezarea de la Racari (judetul Dolj): date arheozoologice si arheogenetice [Animal resources exploited in the Racari settlement (Dolj County): Archaeozoologic and Archaeogenetics Data]
Stanc, Margareta SiminaLuca, Monica. (2014) - In: Istros vol. 20 (2014) p. 411-427

6Essay  Domestic Mammals in Eastern Romania during the Early Middle Ages
Stanc, Margareta SiminaBejenaru, Luminita. (2014) - In: Agrarian archaeology in early medieval Europe p. 131-137

7Essay  Domestic birds in the medieval settlements on the territory of Romania
Bejenaru, LuminitaStanc, Margareta SiminaOleniuc, F.C.. (2012) - In: Birds in archaeology p. 29-36

8Essay  Bird remains from the 10th-11th century settlement of Oltina (Dobruja, Romania)
Gál, ErikaStanc, Margareta SiminaBejenaru, Luminita. (2012) - In: Birds in archaeology p. 37-44

9Articles  Banca Gara, punctul "Sapte Case", judetul Vaslui. Locuinte din secolele III-IV
Alaiba, RuxandraStanc, Margareta Simina. (2008) - In: Arheologia Moldovei vol. 31 (2008) p. 173-204

10Essay  Analyse archéozoologique des restes de poisson provenant du site de Slava Rusa (Roumanie
Stanc, Margareta SiminaRadu, ValentinBejeranu, Luminita. (2008) - In: Archéologie du poisson, 30 ans d'archéo-ichtyologie au CNRS p. 269-280

11Essay  Archaeozoological Characteristics of the Byzantine Period with Reference to the Area between the Danube and the Black Sea
Bejenaru, LuminitaStanc, Margareta Simina. (2005) - In: Ethnic contacts and cultural exchanges North and West of the Black Sea p. 471-480

12Articles  Studiul arheozoologic al metrialului prelevat de la Slava Rusa
Stanc, Margareta Simina. (2004) - In: Peuce Ser. NS, vol. 2 (2004) p. 311-328

13Articles  Archaezoological study of fauna remains at the Poiana settlement (the VIIIth-IXth centuries)
Stanc, Margareta SiminaBejenaru, Luminita. (2003) - In: Studia antiqua et archaeologica vol. 9 (2003) p. 419-428

14Articles  Date arheozoologice privind complexul Orheiul Vechi
Bejenaru, LuminitaBacumenco, LudmilaStanc, Margareta Simina. (2003) - In: Tyragetia vol. 12 (2003) p. 85-91

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