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1Collection of Essays  Beyond words: new research on manuscripts in Boston collections
Hamburger, Jeffrey F.Davis, Lisa FaginEze, Anne-MarieNetzer, NancyStoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Toronto (2021)

2Collection of Essays  Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections
Hamburger, Jeffrey F.Davis, Lisa FaginEze, Anne-MarieNetzer, NancyStoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Toronto (2021)

3Collection of Essays  Pages from the past. Illuminated manuscripts in Boston-area collections
Hamburger, Jeffrey F.Stoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Boston (2016)

4Monographie  Purloined letters: the twelfth-century reception of the Anglo-Saxon illustrated Hexateuch (British Library, Cotton Claudius B. IV)
Doane, Alger NickStoneman, William P.. - Tempe, Ariz. (2011)

5Monographie  Corpus of British medieval library catalogues. Bd. 5: Dover Priory
Stoneman, William P.. - London (1999)

6Collection of Essays  A Distinct Voice. Medieval Studies in Honour of Leonard E. Boyle, O. P.
Brown, JacquelineStoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Notre Dame, Ind. (1997)

7Collection of Essays  The Same Purposeful Instinct. Essays in Honor of William H. Scheide
Stoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - Princeton, NJ (1994)

8Collection of Essays  Editing, Publishing and Computer Technology. Papers given at the Twentieth Annual Conference on Editorial Problems, University of Toronto 2-3 November 1984
Butler, Sharon E.Stoneman, William P. [Publ.]. - New York, NY (1988)

9Monographie  A critical edition of Aelfric's translation of Alcuin's interrogationes "Sigwulfi presbiteri" and of the related texts "De creatore et creatura" and "De sex etatibus huius seculi"
Stoneman, William P.. - [University of Toronto] (1983)

10Articles  The Linked Collections of William Bragge (1823-1884) of Birmingham and Dr. Thomas Shadford Walker (1834-1885) of Liverpool
Stoneman, William P.. (2016) - In: Manuscript studies vol. 1 (2016) p. 263-272

11Essay  Henry Yates Thompson, gentleman: "an unusual collector with commercial motives just a shade larger than was common"
Stoneman, William P.. (2010) - In: Glosses Christopher de Hamel p. 344-354

12Essay  Art. Blickling homilies
Stoneman, William P.. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia p. 132

13Essay  A summary guide to the medieval and later manuscripts in the Bergendal Collection, Toronto
Stoneman, William P.. (1997) - In: Studies Leonard E. Boyle p. 163-206

14Essay  "Writ in ancient character and of no further use": Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in American collections
Stoneman, William P.. (1997) - In: The preservation and transmission of Anglo-Saxon culture p. 99-138

15Articles  Another Old English note signed "Coleman"
Stoneman, William P.. (1987) - In: Medium aevum vol. 56 (1987) p. 78-82

16Articles  Alcuin's Interrogationes Sigwulfi Presbiteri and its Aelfrician translatn.
Stoneman, William P.. (1985) - In: Old English newsletter vol. 18, 2 (1985) p. A19

17Articles  The Latin and Old English notes in the Old English illustrated Hexateuch (BL Cotton Claudius B.iv).
Stoneman, William P.. (1984) - In: Old English newsletter vol. 17, 2 (1984) p. A37

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