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1Monographie  Venice illuminated: power and painting in Renaissance manuscripts
Szépe, Helena Katalin. - New Haven, Conn. [u.a.] (2018)

2Monographie  The Poliphilo and other Aldines reconsidered in the context of the production of decorated books in Venice
Szépe, Helena Katalin. - [Cornell University] (1992)

3Essay  Illuminating law and order in Venice
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2021) - In: Beyond Words. Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections p. 213-236

4Articles  Celebrating Athanasius in Venice. Illuminated manuscripts for the nuns of Santa Croce alla Giudecca
Szépe, Helena KatalinToniolo, Federica. (2020) - In: Artibus et historiae vol. 41, 81 (2020) p. 25-48

5Essay  Painting in Documents: The case of Venice
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2018) - In: Illuminierte Urkunden. Beiträge aus Diplomatik, Kunstgeschichte und Digital Humanities p. 333-356

6Essay  Painters and Patrons in Venetian Documents
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2013) - In: Le Commissioni ducali nelle collezioni dei Musei civici veneziani p. 25-71

7Essay  Doge Andrea Dandolo and manuscript illumination
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2012) - In: Studi Giordana Mariani Canova p. 158-162

8Essay  Venetian Miniaturists in the Era of Print, in The Book of Venice - Il libro veneziano
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2009) - In: The Book of Venice - Il libro veneziano p. 31-60

9Essay  Distinguished Among Equals: Repetition and Innovation in Venetian Commissioni
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2005) - In: Manuscripts in transition. Reycling manuscripts, texts and images p. 441-

10Articles  Venetian miniaturists in the era of print
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (2005 - 2007) - In: Miscellanea marciana vol. 20 (2005/07) p. 31-60

11Articles  The body of the book
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (1998) - In: Miscellanea marciana vol. 13 (1998) p. 79-90

12Essay  The body of the book
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (1998) - In: Verso il Polifilo, 1499 - 1999. Catalogo della mostra p. 79-90

13Essay  Bordon, Dürer and modes of illuminating Aldines
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (1998) - In: Essays Franklin D. Murphy p. 185-200

14Articles  Artistic identity in the Poliphilo
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (1997) - In: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada vol. 35, 1 (1997) p. 39-73

15Articles  Desire in the printed dream of Poliphilo
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (1996) - In: Art history vol. 19 (1996) p. 370-392

16Articles  The Book as Companion, the Author as Friend: Aldine Octavos Illuminated by Benedetto Bordon
Szépe, Helena Katalin. (1995) - In: Word and image vol. 11 (1995) p. 77-99

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