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1Collection of Essays  Collecting curiosities. Eighteenth-century Museum Stobæanum and the development of ethnographic collections in the nineteenth century
Naum, Magdalena EwaTarnow Ingvardson, Gitte [Publ.]. - Lund (2020)

2Collection of Essays  Divina moneta: coins in religion and ritual
Myrberg, NanouschkaTarnow Ingvardson, Gitte [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2018)

3Monographie  Mùntbrug: fra vikingetid til vendertogter
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. - s.l. (2010)

4Essay  Coins in church contexts: Hedensted Church, Jutland, Denmark
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2021) - In: Coins in churches. Archaeology, money and religious devotion in medieval Northern Europe p. 269-291

5Essay  (Il)literacy Reflected on Scandinavian Viking Coins
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2021) - In: Urban literacy in the Nordic Middle Ages p. 173-196

6Essay  Silver hoarding on Bornholm and Gotland: hoards as windows onto Viking-Age life
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2020) - In: Viking-Age Trade. Silver, Slaves and Gotland p. 358-376

7Essay  As Long as it Glitters: A Re-evaluation of the Mixed Silver Hoards of Bornholm, Denmark
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2019) - In: Silver, butter, cloth. Monetary and social economies in the Viking age p. 32-56

8Essay  Sjaelefrelse eller lommespild - montfundene fra Hedensted Kirke
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2016) - In: Hedensted kirke undersøgelser og restaureringer p. 79-96

9Essay  100 Viking Age hoards of Bornholm. Status, challenges and perspectives
Tarnow Ingvardson, GitteSonne Nielsen, Finn Ole. (2015) - In: Studies Birgitta Hårdh p. 27-34

10Essay  Trade and Power - Bornholm in the Late Viking Age
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2014) - In: Northern worlds - landscapes, interactions and dynamics p. 325-338

11Articles  Nørremølle - the largest Viking age silver hoard of Bornholm (Denmark)
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2012) - In: The journal of archaeological numismatics vol. 2 (2012) p. 281-346

12Essay  Among farmers and city people: coin use in early medieval Denmark, c. 1000-1250
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2011) - In: Proceedings of the XIVth international numismatic congress Pt. 2 p. 1470-1476

13Articles  Blandt bønder og byfolk: Møntbrug i Roskilde og omegn ca. 1000-1250
Tarnow Ingvardson, Gitte. (2008) - In: Nationalmuseets arbejdsmark (2008) p. 203-218

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