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1Monographie  Handbook for curates: a late medieval manual on pastoral ministry / Guido of Monte Rochen
Guido <de Monte Rocherii>. Thayer, Anne T. [Ed.]. - Washington, DC (2011)

2Monographie  Penitence, preaching, and the coming of the Reformation
Thayer, Anne T.. - Aldershot (2002)

3Collection of Essays  Medieval sermons and society. Cloister, city, university
Hamesse, JacquelineKienzle, Beverly MayneStoudt, Debra L.Thayer, Anne T. [Publ.]. - Louvain-la-Neuve (1998)

4Monographie  Penitence and preaching on the eve of the Reformation: A comparative overview from frequently printed model sermon collections, 1450-1520
Thayer, Anne T.. - [Harvard University] (1996)

5Collection of Essays  Models of holiness in medieval sermons: Proceedings of the International Symposium (Kalamazoo, 4-7 May 1995)
Kienzle, Beverly MayneWilks Dolnikowski, EdithDrage Hale, RosemaryPryds, Darleen N.Thayer, Anne T. [Publ.]. - Louvain-la-Neuve (1996)

6Essay  Books for Preaching and Preaching with Books. Late Medieval Latin Printed Sermons and the Witness of Thomas Swalwell of Durham Priory
Thayer, Anne T.. (2020) - In: Circulating the word of God in medieval and early modern Europe catholic preaching and preachers across manuscript and print (c. p. 49-69

7Essay  Selections in a World of Multiple Options: The Witness of Thomas Swalwell, OSB
Thayer, Anne T.. (2016) - In: Religious Orders and Religion Identity Formation, ca. 1420-1620 p. 110-125

8Articles  Medieval Sermon Studies since The Sermon: A Deepening and Broadening Field
Thayer, Anne T.. (2014) - In: Medieval sermon studies vol. 58 (2014) p. 10-27

9Essay  The medieval sermon: text, Performance and insight
Thayer, Anne T.. (2012) - In: Understanding medieval primary sources. Using historical sources to discover medieval Europe p. 43-58

10Essay  Support for preaching in Guido of Monte Rochen's "Manipulus curatorum"
Thayer, Anne T.. (2010) - In: A companion to pastoral care in the late middle ages p. 123-144

11Articles  Learning to worship in the later middle ages: Enacting symbolism, fighting the devil, and receiving grace
Thayer, Anne T.. (2008) - In: Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte vol. 99 (2008) p. 36-65

12Articles  Guido de Monte Rochen's Manipulus Curatorum
Lualdi, Katharine J.Thayer, Anne T.. (2007) - In: Medieval sermon studies vol. 51 (2007) p. 80

13Essay  Ramifications of Late Medieval preaching: Varied receptivity to the Protestant Reformation
Thayer, Anne T.. (2001) - In: Preachers and people in the Reformations and Early Modern period p. 359-385

14Essay  Judith and Mary: Hélinand's sermon for the Assumption
Thayer, Anne T.. (1998) - In: Medieval sermons and society p. 63-75

15Essay  Intercessors, examples and rewards: the roles of the saints in the penitential themes of representative late medieval sermon collections
Thayer, Anne T.. (1996) - In: Models of holiness in medieval sermons p. 339-354

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