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1Monographie  Byzantine Attica: an archaeology of settlement and landscape (4th-12th centuries)
Tzavella, Elli. - Turnhout (2024)

2Monographie  Early Christianity in Athens, Attica, and adjacent areas: from Paul to Justinian I (1st-6th cent. AD)
Breytenbach, CilliersTzavella, Elli. - Leiden [u.a.] (2023)

3Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Tzavella, Elli. (2016)

4Monographie  Urban and rural landscape in early and middle Byzantine Attica (4th-12th c. AD)
Tzavella, Elli. - [University of Birmingham] (2013)

5Monographie  Burial and urbanism in Early Byzantine and 'Dark Age' Athens (AD 4th - 9th century).
Tzavella, Elli. - [University of Birmingham] (2006)

6Essay  Life, work and consumption in Byzantine Chalcis: Ceramic finds from an industrial hub in central Greece, ca. 10-13th c.
Vroom, JoanitaTzavella, ElliVaxevanis, Giannis. (2023) - In: Feeding the Byzantine city. The archaeology of consumption in the Eastern Mediterranean (ca. 500-1500) p. 223-260

7Essay  Consumption patterns of ceramics in town and countryside: Case-studies from Corinth and Athens in central Greece
Tzavella, Elli. (2023) - In: Feeding the Byzantine city. The archaeology of consumption in the Eastern Mediterranean (ca. 500-1500) p. 261-280

8Essay  Dhaskalio, Keros: An unknown Early Byzantinechurch, its ceramic finds,and small-scale navigation in the central Aegean
Tzavella, Elli. (2018) - In: Naxos and the Byzantine Aegean. Insular Responses to Regional Change p. 177-194

9Essay  Dinner time in Athens: Eating and drinking in the Medieval Agora
Vroom, JoanitaTzavella, Elli. (2017) - In: Medieval masterchef. Archaeological and historical perspectives on eastern cuisine and western food p. 145-180

10Articles  Christianisation of Attica. The topography of Early Christian churches
Tzavella, Elli. (2014) - In: Pharos vol. 20, 2 (2014) p. 121-158

11Essay  Late Roman pottery from the Sikyon Survey Project: local production, imports, and urban evolution (4th-7th c. AD) (Greece)
Tzavella, ElliTrainor, C.Maher, M.. (2014) - In: Late Roman coarse wares, cooking wares and amphorae in the Mediterranean. A market without frontiers Pt. 1 p. 91-101

12Essay  Burial practices in Byzantine Greece: archaeological evidence and methodological problems for its interpretation
Poulou-Papadimitriou, NataliaTzavella, ElliOtt, Jeremy J.. (2010) - In: Rome, Constantinople and Newly converted Europe. Archeological and Historical Evidence p. 377-428

13Articles  Burial and urbanism in Athens (4th-9th c. A.D.)
Tzavella, Elli. (2008) - In: Journal of Roman archaeology vol. 21 (2008) p. 352-368

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