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1Collection of Essays  Medievalism in Finland and Russia: twentieth- and twenty-first-century aspects
Välimäki, Reima [Publ.]. - London (2022)

2Monographie  Heresy in late medieval Germany: the inquisitor Petrus Zwicker and the Waldensians
Välimäki, Reima. - Woodbridge (2019)

3Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Välimäki, Reima. (2016)

4Articles  The Materiality of Turku Cathedral's Spiritual Treasury: Indulgences
Välimäki, ReimaSalonen, Kirsi. (2022) - In: Material religion vol. 18 (2022) p. 532-547

5Essay  The Worst of All Heresies: Polemical Responses to Waldensianism ca. 1200 - 1400
Välimäki, Reima. (2022) - In: Encountering Others, Understanding Ourselves in Medieval and Early Modern Thought p. 21-40

6Essay  The portrayal of the Waldensian Brethren in the De vita et conversacione (c. 1391-3) Appendix: De vita et conversacione: edition and translation of the Weimar Ms
Välimäki, Reima. (2022) - In: Inquisition and knowledge, 1200-1700 p. 157-177

7Essay  More Powerful than Mere Matter? Forbidden but Practiced Material Religion among the Late Medieval German Waldensians
Välimäki, Reima. (2021) - In: Tangible religion. Materiality of domestic cult practices from antiquity to early modern era p. 239-254

8Essay  Deafness and Pastoral Care in the Middle Ages
Kuuliala, JenniVälimäki, Reima. (2020) - In: Disability in medieval Christian philosophy and theology p. [1-24]

9Essay  Bona docere et mala dedocere. Inquisition of Heresy and Communication with the Lay Population
Välimäki, Reima. (2020) - In: Modus vivendi. Religious reform and the laity in late medieval Europe p. 53-70

10Articles  Transfers of anti-Waldensian material from a polemical treatise to a didactic text
Välimäki, Reima. (2018) - In: Medieval worlds vol. 7 (2018) p. 153-169

11Articles  Changing Senses of Sacrality: Foreword
Välimäki, ReimaKouvola, Karolina. (2018) - In: Mirator vol. 19, 1 (2018) p. 2-3

12Essay  Bishops and the inquisition of heresy in late medieval Germany
Välimäki, Reima. (2018) - In: Dominus Episcopus. Medieval bishops between diocese and court p. 186-206

13Essay  Transfers of anti-Waldensian material from a polemical treatise to a didactic text
Välimäki, Reima. (2018) - In: Verging on the Polemical p. 153-169

14Articles  "Hereticum iudicamus". Kättardomen över Botulf vid rättegången i Uppsala ärkestift 1310-1311
Välimäki, Reima. (2011) - In: Historisk tidskrift för Finland vol. 96 (2011) p. 110-131

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