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1Collection of Essays  Crusading and ideas of the Holy Land in medieval Britain
Hurlock, KathrynWhatley, Laura Julinda [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2021)

2Collection of Essays  A companion to seals in the Middle Ages
Whatley, Laura Julinda [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2019)

3Monographie  Localizing the Holy Land: The visual culture of crusade in England, circa 1140-1307
Whatley, Laura Julinda. - [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign] (2010)

4Essay  A Holy Hole, Anglo-Saxon Bones, and a Jerusalem Chapel: Redefining Sacred Geography at Winchester Cathedral in the 12th Century
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2022) - In: Art, architecture, and the moving viewer, c.300-1500 CE p. 185-209

5Essay  Introduction: Approaches to Medieval Seals and Sealing Practices
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2019) - In: A companion to seals in the Middle Ages p. 1-17

6Essay  Shifting Paradigms of Place and Ritual on Crusader Seals Before and After the Fall of Acre in 1291
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2019) - In: Paradigm shifts. During the global Middle Ages and Renaissance p. 43-64

7Essay  Crusading for (Heavenly) Jerusalem: A Noble Woman, Devotion, and the Trinity Apocalypse (Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R.16.2)
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2018) - In: Devotional interaction in medieval England and its afterlives p. 49-79

8Essay  Experiencing the Holy Land and Crusade in Matthew Paris's Maps of Palestine
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2014) - In: Visual constructs of Jerusalem p. 295-306

9Articles  Romance, Crusade, and the Orient in King Henry III of England's Royal Chambers
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2013) - In: Viator vol. 44, 3 (2013) p. 175-198

10Essay  Visual Self-Fashioning and the Seals of the Knights Hospitaller in England
Whatley, Laura Julinda. (2012) - In: Remembering the crusades. Myth, image, and identity p. 252-270

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